Elimimating oder, push or pull?

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  1. What's up fellow blades an bladettes? I just purchased a 6" Hydro Farm Active air inline fan, Filter, flange and ducting. I want to eliminate all odor. I can't really vent outside. Should I have the fan pulling or pushing air through the filter for the best results. Can I use the tubing as an exhaust and run the tubing across the room so the air is constantly recycled? Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.. Thanks in advance..peAce!
  2. Here's what I'm working with

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  3. Best results, pull through. Some filter designs work well if you push into them though.
  4. I pull air from the flowering room towards the outside... it works for me....
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    Thanks man!! Good lookin out! Would I be able to have to exhaust duct routed to the other side of the room an still b effective?
  6. Sucking is always better than blowing....
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    Without a filter your just moving the smell around to your whole house/grow room and making the problem worst. You want to suck out the smell and have the air filtered. So your not just smelling up your whole house.
  8. You mean to an exhaust out of the grow space that is located on the other side of the room, or do you mean just blowing out into the same room? The former is fine, the latter is not. You want proper ventilation (drawing fresh air in and exhausting air out so that air is flowing through the grow space) for at least 3 important reasons: yes odor control but also heat management and for the health of the plants -- they need fresh air as much as you do.
  9. I just recently switched from pushing to pulling. Having the filter at the beginning of your ventilation system (however much ducting or fans that maybe be) guaruntees that every particle passes through the filter. When I had it pushing, I found that too much air was lost along the journey to the filter through gaps in the ducting etc.

    Zero smell now (as opposed to a faint dank when you got close to the tent the way i had it before)

    However, if your system is completely enclosed within the grow, and you're adding CO2, push/pull hardly matters.
  10. I have my fan pulling air from the filter and I ran the duct into my heater vent on the floor..then I stuffed towels around the tubing so no air escapes..would this work? I plan on cutting a hole in the floor to exhaust the air but I have to wait until I get the proper tools.

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