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  1. eraHizarK

    Who won? The red or the blue, or did they gather up in little clumps and put up little flags and stuff.

    Paul J Jamtgaard
  2. .denots neeb evah tsum uoy lleh gnikcuF
  3. Shit that mess's with your head!
  4. No one won, they more or less had a truce, they lived in relative peace for all of eternity. Except for the occasional rebel group, oh and the guerrilla fighters. They sucked.
  5. KraiHare

    Yeah, that figures, there is always some dissent, how about the Purples, I'm sure there was a little hanky-panky going on here and there. Quite a few possabilities here, probably could spill over into Alternate Universes and Time Lines if some of your Reds or Blues subscribe to Galatic Soldier of Fortune Magazine or the Marajuana Daily Missel.

    Paul J Jamtgaard
  6. Actually they turned into Tenacious D, jumped on that big spaceship guitar thingy from 'Boston' and declared war on the galactic council. The war ended five thousand years before they arrived. I'm gonna go watch some futbol now. Go Newcastle!
  7. KrazeHare

    Intresting to say the least.


    Spaceship Model


    Interview with Tom Scholz From Turks Head Review

    With Boston's newest album "Corporate America" arriving in stores August 27, I thought I'd provide a link to this profile of engineer / rock star Tom Scholz. On recording his first album: "The acoustic guitar on 'More Than a Feeling' was recorded using a $100 imported Yamaha 12-string guitar, through a relatively low-end dynamic microphone [the Electro-Voice RE-17], and the drums were recorded by a few Shure SM57s in a little tiny closet. The whole first Boston album — all of the tracks except for the vocals — was recorded for a cost of a few thousand dollars. That's when I realized that you don't need all that fancy stuff ." Scholz also comments on the music business: "[it] would be a good thing, except that it's dominated by drug addicts and businessmen." And on the infamous Boston spacship (Scholz's own concept): "The idea was escape; I thought of a 'spaceship guitar'."
    (EE Times) 25-Aug-2002

    Fine concepts. Got anymore?

    Paul J Jamtgaard
  8. Paul

    That last post confused me...
    Do you have a point? Maybe I'm just too high right now...
  9. KrazeHare

    Sorry, didn't mean to confuse you. Your imagination linkage intrigued me. I'm impressed with the jump to the band Tenacious D and the Spaceship Guitar. Gives my imagination something to play with, imagination allows you to link anything to anything, absurdities combine with facts and make stories. Write storys, science fiction, fantisies, Jules Verne, H.G. Wells old hat for modern audience. Today we have things that were imaginary fifty years ago. Where do YOU go from here. Use pot to your advantage, think about the silliness you are hearing and make the ridiculous real.
    Internet marvelous tool. Program Atomica


    uses Google search. Don't have to bring up browser and select search.
    Anyway keep imagination working, any thought, absurd, real or otherwise, research it and connect threads to make a plausable story. Can be funny, tragic, romantic, doesen't matter, It'll be your story.
    I apologize for my unsolicitated advice but you seem to have some talent for questioning things.

    Paul Jamtgaard
  10. Paul, that was very inspiring. You wouldn't even believe how nice it is to hear someone say that...
    Now that I'm a bit more sober I understand what you're saying. :)
    I'll take that advice.

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