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Elements vs Raw

Discussion in 'Other Smoking Accessories' started by DCIGS, Dec 30, 2012.

  1. Which do you prefer. I go with Element (on left), than RAW (on right). Rolled these without a joint roller by the way :)

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  2. I prefer RAW, but I have no problem with Elements. Elements were actually the first papers I started rolling with before transitioning to RAW's, and I haven't looked back since. It's worth noting that they're made by the same company though.
    Also, nice j's. :smoking:
  3. I like raws better, but not too much of a difference. They burn/smoke similar.
  4. Elements! Pre-shaped filters are >>>>>> Lol. But honestly I've rolled plenty with both, to me the raws are a lot more waxy, they burn quite slow which I enjoy too though. They are both great papers.
  5. I would take the raws if I had a choice, however I would never ever complain about elements. They're practically the same, it's just personal preference at this point I think.
  6. Hmmmm Idk I've always smoked raws but I've been smoking elements lately and they never canoe on me and burn real nice so I prefer them now. The elements kings size papers are bigger than the typical king size paper so I just roll them inside out and they burn so nice and you get big rips from it.
  7. Raws all day, but I wouldn't turn down elements, they're both great in my opinion but I prefer Raws. Probably just because I've used em for so long and have become accustomed to rolling/smoking them.
  8. I want to come back to this thread to say I bought a pack of Elements and have been rolling with those the last couple days. I don't know if it's just because they're different, but I'm really liking them again.
  9. RAW's have been my favorite paper so far. Easy to roll, taste as clean as anything, and the glue line is less prone to sticking while you roll.
  10. What are you using as a filter??
  11. My favorite papers are OCB Premiums (78mm), and my second favorite papers are Elements (78mm)

    I really like the cross-stitching on the Elements, and the classy magnetic joint-pack clasp, but the OCB's just taste better and allow more of the weed taste through, they're the best papers I've ever used: fine enough to actually SEE the herb without resorting to cellulose (clear) wraps :)
  12. wiz k papers are good
  13. Its just a small thick piece of paper. Im using the Element Perforated Tips.
  14. How did you make it? I have never used a crutch
  15. You just fold it over three times at the start of it, then just roll it up from there. If you go on youtube you can see lots of tutorials on there.
  16. [ame=]How to Roll a Filter / Crutch / Tip for your Joint + Paper and Filter Specifics - YouTube[/ame]
  17. Im going to try elements next. Im using the raw organic hemp and it just has a wierd taste to me
  18. I thought it was smackdown vs raw?
  19. Elements, their more nostalgiac for me.

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