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  1. Hello
    I recently bought a vape pen because i tryed it off a friend and it felt kinda good. 
    The vape pen i bought is named "USA Ego CE4 1100mAh Personal Electronic Vape Pen Kit Clearomizer and Charger".
    I charged it for 2-3 hours, and then put some liquid in it (redbull) to test it out. the only thing that happened was that it turned really hot after a while and when i was holding the button down while sucking on it i heard air comming through with a sound blended witht he liquid.
    i am pretty new to this stuff and i am sorry if it isn't well enough explained <.<
    Sincerely Me :)

  2. Electric? I'm still using my mine that takes coal snd heat to use.
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    Electric yes, chargable via 5V usb
    Edit: talked to my mate to, he said i had to use e-liquid's. so that information i have missed out, so since i used normal redbull which i bought int he store (the drinkable one) this is normal that it won't use as it would with e-liquid?
  4. Maybe try letting it heat up a bit first buy holding down the button a couple seconds before inhaling
  5. i tryed that lots, and the vape pen just got very hot and i just got hot air and not smoke. I think the problem is that i don't use e-liquid
  6. Need one off these fuckers for e-juice haha

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  7. Why did you put redbull in a vape pen? 
  8. Hopefully it was just red bull flavored haha
  9. i just pictured somebody pouring a can of red bull over a heating coil xD
  10. Read after edit:

    Mayne this guy will make a tutorial video.

  11. You NEED to use e-juice, not actual juice... this is the first time i've heard of anybody doing that.  :rolleyes:
    Really hope you didn't mess up your clearomizer putting actual juice in there.
  12. I think the OP is retarded....
    You can't just go putting any liquid into it lmao
  13. Oh shit he tried to vape red bull!!!! Classic
  14. This got to be a troll. Who would be dumb enough to poor redbull in to their vape pen?
  15. Well it worked for me, I used 100% VG and a can of red bull 4 parts VG and 1 part Red Bull ;) guess i lucked out. Im going to try to concentrate the red bull next time for a stronger flavor :D 
  16. 3 posts. assuming troll

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