Electro/hip Hop Mix? Need Some Help Here...

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by smoke blunts, May 30, 2013.

  1. hi GC
    been a long time, hope everyone is wonderful. i've been expanding my music tastes a lot lately, and i am trying to find a good mix of electro/trance/hip hop/rap and i'm having a tough time. maybe i'm not searching the correct genre/terms, but everything i find is just a little off... i'm not really a fan of pure techno, nor do i really want anything to be overly pop. but that doesn't mean i won't like some club music, so try me. i prefer trippy and electronic, with some good flows mixed in. love female singers but not a must. 
    here is a perfect example of what i am looking for. and even though it has drake in it, i love all hip hop, so it doesn't matter if you send me mainstream or underground material:

  2. yea i'd honestly go for trap and it's many different variations, stuff like:
    rl grime
    there are a shitload of trap channels on youtube now, it's impossible not to find a treasure trove of this shit. honestly, this music makes me get pretty fucking turnt up it's ridiculous (especially if you see a scrawny white boy like me getting crazy to that shit)

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