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  1. well
    here is the problem. my power source for my grow room. i don't have an outlet because it is in an attic. what i do have is an electrical cord. its white and it connects to a light fixture. so there is power going through it. i need to somehow cut into that power stream so i can get electricity. anyone kno how to do this or the materials i will need?
  2. Hi,
    Don't bother connecting into the light cable in the attic as it won't have a high enough amperage rating if you want to operate lights and fans an' things in the attic.
    What you do want to do is run an extension lead up from a room below the attic, bedroom etc. Find an electrical socket and run the cable through a small hole in the ceiling to the attic. if your in the U.K. don't run more than 13 amps, 11 or 12 to be safe, from it though or you'll blow the fuse.
    To work out the amperage of any electrical device use the following formula :-
    Amps = Wattage divided by Voltage.

    If your running hps, or similar, lighting add 1 amp to its total for the start up surge.
    eg:- 400 watt hps light.
    400 / 240 = 1.66 amps, + 1 amp, for surge, = 2.66 amp
    hope this helps.
  3. yea, and try not to run more than 15 amps on a 20 amp circuit just to be safe

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