Electrical issues caused by hps..?

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    I have a 400 watt hps light running constantly. Today I went in my basement and it was off. Everything was off. The breaker wasn't tripped and resetting it doesn't help. The fan in my grow room was still running, so I know there's still power, it's just weak. Also I can turn on some lights but they are very dim. I unplugged everything and still nothing?? I can't have somebody come out with out having to completely dissassemble my operation.. Can somebody please help me soon?? My babies are in the dark! What are the possibilities here? Should I call the power company? What the hell should I say that I'm running that takes up so much power??

    Thanks in advance!

    edit: not just the basement power is dim alot of it is
  2. 400w is not that much power to explain(easily explained with new appliance...PC...ect...) How old is the wiring in the house you live? Better safe than on the news for a house fire...

  3. It sounds as though you have a serious electrical issue. As said above, 400W is not that much power. A single breaker should be able to handle 4-5 of them.

    If you unplug your HPS does the power go back to normal?

    I would have a professional look at your wiring ASAP, as it sounds like you are not qualified. Fire is nothing to mess with.
  4. well its all back to normal now, i guess it was a "brown out." but my 1 light still trips my breaker atleast once a week, even though its the only thing on in the basement. the house is pretty damn old though. would there be a better place to plug it in? how do i find out which part of the house can give more power?? ive been using my light for a lil over a month now
  5. Look in your circuit breaker box, see if all the amp loads are the same or if they are different. If you can identify the one that feeds the basement you could try running your op off an other, higher-capacity breaker.
  6. a 400watt hps uses less than 4 amps, assuming it is digital. check how many amps u are drawing in the basement total and tell us, also check your breaker's capacity

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