Electric zoo anyone?

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by god4point0, May 12, 2010.

  1. Went last year and had the time of my life! I already bought my 2 day passes brotha:cool:
  2. nice, it's a little too early for me to determine if imma go
  3. I wanna bump this to see if any otha blades are gunna hit this up, i mean comon guys this is the best electronic music event in NY of the year, and the set list is dirty as fuck! Busy P, Gareth Emery, CHEMICAL BROS!, benassi, rivera, bassnectar! my god this shits gunna be sick!!!

  4. calling it the best electronic music festival in NY is debateable...i went to camp bisco near albany last weekend and it was off the fucking chain, half the artists at bisco are gonna be at the zoo (bessnectar, diplo, major lazer, aeroplane, rusko, pretty lights, orchard lounge, solid solid names there)

    but im def pumped for the zoo, nectar, pretty lights, bennassi, rusko, steve aoki, wolfgang gartner, diplo, boys noize, aeroplane, glitch mob, afrojack, major lazer (hopefully they wont have those awful MCs with them, they suck)...shiit is stacked

    i wish doctor P would go there...that dude has some insane beats
  5. Yo yo yooo. This would be my first year going but I know it's gonna be the shit! I'm gonna be handing out free glass mushrooms on a hemp necklace to the first 10 people I see then I'm going to sell the rest. $10. Look for me, cargo shorts, orange osiris' shoes, and a ghostbuster t shirt. Cant wait to go:hello: Chem bros, laidback luke, and BASSNECTAR!!
  6. Im from michigan and im gonna be on the east coast while its going on. im for sure gonna go to the first day. i havnt decided about sunday, i saw bassnectar at bonaroo and will see him again in october but he is soo sick im trying to see him as much as possible.
  7. just ordered my ticket. i <3 having a girlfriend with an apartment in manhattan, lol.

    only going saturday, but come on. rusko, flying lotus, atb, major lazer, benny benassi, and chemical bros? my head will explode if i go to both days.....

    although i remember when Moby played up here in albany. god i wish i could see him again....

  8. yeah dude my friend who is going with me, his brother lives in queens, so we dont gotta buy a hotel, but im sure ill end up at the hotels for after parties (i doubt i will have enough money to go clubbing when the zoo is done for the day)

    even tho ive seen this dude 3 times in the last 8 months, he is still the act i wanna see the most...BASSNECTAR, he headlines the dance tent on sunday and i really do think there will be more people at his set than fucking armin van buren on the main stage, who knows maybe im wrong but thats what im thinking, his shows are a spiritual experience, never disappoints and soooooo much BASS

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