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Electric feeling through out the body

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Made iN Poland, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. When ever I smoke a lot of weed and I relax, tilt my head back, I get this feeling as if a electric shock was going through my body and then it peaks and releases.. Does anybody know what this is, why it happens?? My twin brother gets the same feeling after smoking...
  2. Probably because your high?
  3. hmm interesting, it sounds to me like you need to smoke more
  4. when i tilt my head back and get an electric feeling a lucky lady usually end up with a mouthfull
  5. Its called being high.. Probably smoking a indica also
  6. Dude i get that same stuff too. My friend just randomly did that and i was like what are you doing? He said idk dude but do it it feels trippy as fuck
  7. It's super strong though and it lasts only about 10 seconds.. It's not a constant thing.. It's like a shock and my body becomes super tense for a really brief period of time and then it passes.. I can't talk when it happens or anything else for that matter. I only usually get it once during a smoking session, usually right after I'm done smoking
  8. Probably AIDS.
  9. Probably has something to do with an unequal gradient of serotonin.
  10. Yeah dude sounds like brain zaps. I used to get those when I was on anti depressants
  11. I experienced this for about the first few months after I started smoking. It stopped after that though.
  12. You will likely die
  13. That's happens to me all the time! I'll get chill bumps afterwards but it feel amazing! It usually makes me close my eyes ad nod my head down to enjoy it, it's really weird feeling.

  14. You should trust the GC medical response team
  15. Just going out on a limb here, but it might be related to smoking weed.

    I'm no doctor, though.
  16. Some good indica my friend.
  17. its actually hunger and the blood on your body is thinner than usual and your vanes get very thick ( the brain sends electric signals to move your muscles) and when the vaynes swell the electricity bounces off the walls of the vanes in that split second to , 30 second dont worry about it might be also low blood sugar i get it usuley around the abdomen nothign to worry about

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