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  1. Hello everyone... i just came over from overgrow... i like these forums better.

    So anyway.. i have a question. How much wattage will it take for an electric company to put up a red flag on you in apartments? What do u think will be a decent wattage since i just moved in?

    Hit me back... thank you all who respond.
  2. I don't work for the electric company or anything but I would think a 1000 watt light is a bit much for an apartment. That would be the equivalent of 10 100 watt bulbs being on 18/6 for a while. That just seems a little high to me. I think for an apartment 400 MAYBE 600 watts would be cool but, like I said, I don't work for the DEA or Electric company so I could not be sure.
  3. Sinse you just moved in use w/e amount you want. But keep using the same amount, don't let you electric bill move up or down too much.
  4. Replace every single lightbulb in your apartment with compact flouros. That will lower the amount consumed by house lights and give you some more wattage to play with in your MJ grow. For example, my kitchen has 4 bulbs, usually 60 to 100W each (or 240W to 400W total), but with 11-18W CFL replacements my kitchen lights only use 44W - 72W, which is considerably less just for that one room.
  5. good good... thank you all for your input... :metal:
  6. yeah you should start using cfls for everyday life even if you don't grow if you already haven't. They are more effecient and last longer.

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