Ele the Elephant Heady Pipe

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  1. Just picked this up for my ladies' birthday yesterday. Small but cool looking and it hits like a CHAMP. I'm sure some of you have seen these at your LHS before.

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  2. elephants are seriously my fave type of pipe. i like how much smoke try can in their belly lol.

    that's a nice one.
  3. lol thats sweeeeeeet man
  4. Haha yeah my buddy got a red white and blue one and I pointed out the irony (republican symbol is the elephant and it's American colors) of the piece to him which made me love it even more. I'll see if my stoned self can remember to snap a pic of it.
  5. Nice bra i saw one for 25$
  6. My girl picked one of these as her first pipe, my lhs said they were one of their most bought pieces.
  7. I paid $12 for it i love the way it smokes. We've been using it all day! And Weedhound47, i had a set of a red white and blue donkey and elephant a while back haha.
  8. I smoked out of one of them on monday, my friend has one hahahaha
  9. My friend used to have that exact type of pipe but it was a white elephant. They called it "Elephantitus"
  10. haha the one i hit on monday is named "Elephantasia"
  11. My friend got one of these...broke it on the first day.
  12. Ouch. :(
  13. ^^^ Ikr, cool piece thoughh
  14. Was it a lace bra for $25?

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