Elder Scrolls Vs Fallout series

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  1. I'm mostly talking about the leveling/skills/points systems, but let's compare the latest two games of each series: Fallout New Vegas and Fallout 4 vs Oblivion and Skyrim. Which series or game do you like more and why? Monsters, dialogue, skills, perks, etc. One thing I loved about New Vegas, is that your SPECIAL and perks/skill levels affected dialogue options that become available, VS Fallout 4's "Positive, Negative, Sarcastic, and more information" dialogue choices corresponding to the system buttons.
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  2. Fallout 3 was the best imho. Don't like how streamlined and fast fallout 4 felt. I do like the game, but after a few hundred hours it feels redundant.

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  3. Out of the 4 games you named I liked New Vegas the best, I like all of them for their own merits but New Vegas will always go down as one of my favourite games.

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  4. I liked 3 and NV the same... and how you could be good or evil. 4 was meh how no matter what you chose it was all the same.

    And I liked oblivion more than skyrim but overall I'm not too big into the theme. Like wizardry and swords? Nah I'll take the retro future wasteland with guns lol
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  5. Fallout 3 was the best.
    Still enjoyed Fallout NV.
    Olivion and Skyrim are both great games but i don't reply them as often as FO3
  6. I liked fallout 3 but I kept on falling to the point I traded it for a gram. The setting was great made me wanna live in an apocalyptic wasteland.
    When I got skyrim I hardly left my room for three months. I prefer the level system in skyrim it's easy to understand. Unlike oblivion. I hardly even leveled.
  7. Oblivion has to be my favorite elders scrolls games of all time skyrim was fun but oblivion was the best imo but between fallout and es I'd have to say the elder scrolls just because of all the lore and the intricate story lines but that still doesn't mean fallout wasn't an amazing series as well. But in play time I've definitely played fallout 3 the most out of all the games.
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  8. well I remember playing the original fallouts when they came out back in the day, so they will always hold a special place for me.
    Oblivion was a pretty damn solid game. I prefer that over skyrim. (so fucking buggy can't make it run on my new laptop)
    overall though its the fallout series imo. I like 4 when it came out and was pretty lost in that game, but like others have said, it was too on rails. Of the previous fallouts my pick for the best is New Vegas, then 3 and then 4. I still have new vegas installed, with a few mods, to this day on my laptop. Haven't bothered getting fallout 4 for pc because I beat it on xbox.
  9. Skyrim is my personal favorite, although oblivion was incredible. Nothing beats finishing off a high level dragon by putting a dragon bone arrow in between it's eyes :metal:
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  10. Well let's consider that New Vegas and Oblivion are the only two good games out of the four. That being said, Obsidian did such a good job with New Vegas despite Bethesda shitting on their production so hard. I was sad that Obsidian wasn't back on Fallout 4 to make the big city they really had wanted to. Skyrim is an overhyped, overmarketed mess. (I still have fun playing it though.)
    I think New Vegas will always just hold a special place in my heart.

  11. Fallout New Vegas is the best one imho, fallout 3 wasn't great fallout 4 was a letdown I completed it within a week and sold it lol
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  12. Everyone always talks about how much better oblivion is than skyrim first, but here is the main problem for me...I played skyrim first. And then tried to play oblivion after hundreds of skyrim. Oblivion has no crafting system which made it impossible for me to get into. After doing so much crafting in skyrim the game just felt incredibly incomplete without all that stuff. I just couldn't get into it.
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  13. I love both games and even prefer Oblivion, but I don't think I could have gotten into it, had I played Skyrim first.

    Oblivion has a sort of crafting with Alchemy, but it obviously isn't anywhere as built out as it was by the time Skyrim came around.

    Where Oblivion shined more than Skyrim (imo), was the overall atmosphere and design of the land. While Skyrim as the much newer game obviously has better graphics and more land, Oblivion seemed like the bigger epic event, for the year it was released.
  14. i think i will always be partial to elder scrolls just because morrowind was the first single player rpg i fell in love with. i wouldnt want to give up either series though
  15. Agreed 100%

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  16. OBLIVION and FALLOUT 4 have been my favorite so far. I love Oblivion because it was the first RPG of it's kind that I've played and now it just gives me nostalgia. I love Fallout 4 too because of the polished physics and weapons along with all that crafting you can do.

    I choose The Elder Scrolls IV: OBLIVION


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