El Clásico (Barcelona vs Real Madrid)

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  1. Monday the 29th.

    I'm a huge barcelona supporter/fan for years. not gonna lie mourihno tactics scares me after last year's champions league. but i have faith we'll win this game, good thing its played in camp nou.

    I'm pretty sure mourihno will rely on the counter attacks just like last year with inter, but this time he got some of worlds fastest players/sprinters(CR7, Mezut Ozil, Angel Di maria, Gonzalo Higuain & Karim Benzema) not to mention Marcelo whos all over the place with such an amazing speed/techniques for a defender. Real also is now considered having the strongest defense line in la liga after pepe recovered & Caravalo coming from Chelsea.

    I'm not feeling guardiola's moves last summer, I don't think Adriano is a good transfer Pedro is probably way better than him as a left winger. Also not really a big fan of Mascherano I think sergio busquests does way better than him too. David Villa was probably the best transfer this season.

    I just hope Xavi & Iniesta function and build some attacks for messi & villa.

    What's your thoughts?
  2. It will definitely be intense but I'm with you in thinking Barcelona will come out on top. While Murinho has clearly shown his abilities as a coach, I feel Barcelona still function better as a team and Messi and Villa along with Xavi and Iniesta will overwhelm Mardrid.
  3. can't wait. about to jizz.
  4. Playing dirty RM!
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  6. Visca el barca
  7. lmfao. that was fan-fucking-tastic. watching Ramos lose his common sense was priceless!
  8. Whose ready for the 2nd round?

    Just heard Puyol is finally back and headed to Madrid with the rest!
  9. this is awesome news!
    i doubt he'll play tomorrow but if he is good for the final and the semis the best thing that could happen for barca:hello:
  10. lol Ronaldo says they want to prove Barca is human.

    Statements like that just show how awesome Barca is. :D
  11. I can see Real winning 2-1 with a couple of lucky goals and Messi to flop.
    Xavi to have a pass completion of 107% and hopefully a great game
  12. Anyone watched it?
    I thought real had better chances although barca always had the possesion
    Ronaldo was rested too many game before today's classico..
    He is my favorite player but gosh he played bad today lol..
    Messi was great like he always does. but man..penalty was bad lol
  13. barca getting a point away and staying undefeated vs real is definitely the better result of the two teams.
  14. I thought it was kind of disappointing to be honest. That was about the pussiest way for Madrid to play (especially at home). I have to give it to Pepe for doing a good job breaking up play.
    Villa needs to start burying his chances and stop shooting straight at the keeper. Messi had a few great runs, not a bad performance overall. I usually like Keita but he played pretty bad when he came on.
    Madrid actually played better when they went a man down, Ozil was class and probably should of started, and Marcelo can get fucked, disgraceful twat celebrating a soft penalty...
    Oh and nice plastic rent-a-flags Madrid fans :laughing:
  15. yea mourinho was afraid to open up and play he did exactly like inter last year... he wanted to avoid another big loss.

    i think ozil will start next in the cup final. i hope to see madrid opening up a little bit, but i think mou will be too scared lol

    this tie was definately better for barca than for madrid... look at all them merenges celebrating a tie and a lost liga hahahah:hello:

  16. ya mou will prolly stay defensive... he doesn't care to be the lamest team out there.
  17. Madrid was better under Pellegrini. It was unfortunate he got knocked out of CL in the last 16, but he got fired after a record season with Madrid, only losing the league by 3 points, and 96 points would have been more than enough to win most leagues around Europe.
    Barca still 8 points ahead :D
  18. This is Mourinho's first season at Real. Plus, KAKA was out for a half year and then PAPI got injured..How is this Real team still in the hunt for Title? is Ronaldo and Ozil alone better than Messi, villa and those midfield masters? You must hate Mourinho for comparing him to Pellegrini..Maybe should I just admit that Pep is the best in the world since he has the best team?
  19. I didn't really compare the two. Just pointing out I prefered the way Madrid played under Pellegrini, and that he was unlucky to be sacked after what wasn't even a bad season. I know Kaka was out for most of this season, but he wasn't impressing anyone last season either. If you want to talk brass tacks, Kaka was a political signing.
    Are you seriously implying Ronaldo and Ozil are the team? You guys have an insane amount of talent in your squad, and are more than able to compete with the best in Europe, and yes that includes Barca.
    Last game Mourinho should have started with an attacking team, instead of having Pepe bully the middle (credit where it's due, he did a great job).

    In Mourinho's defense the match had pretty much no meaning to who wins the league at this point, and attacking against Barca isn't the best way to play them.
    But as a Madrid supporter were you happy seeing your team play the same tactics as a lower level team? Not to mention at home.
    I don't doubt that the upcoming fixtures will be different from the league meeting, or at least I hope so. But I'm sure you can agree that Madrid is well known for their fast attack and offensive approach. All I was saying was at least under Pellegrini they played like Real Madrid.

    Yeah you probably noticed I support Barca, but even from a neutral perspective it's pretty bad how far Madrid will go to prevent Barcelona from handing them another defeat. I can see how maybe Inter supporters put up with it last season, what having won a European title for the first time in 30 years. But I thought Los Blancos was better than that. It's a lot like City bringing in Mancini to play negative tactics so they can squeeze into a CL spot.

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