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  1. yeah? fuck you

    anyway ive been having unprotected sex with my girl (because im quite good at controlling my orgasm and condoms suck), but is it bad if i dont urinate after i jizz and then have sex again? i never really "precum" and i always jizz in my girl's mouth and clean up the remainder of the semen after i'm done... is this still safe or...? relatively smart in terms of common sense with sex, but unsure about this?
  2. Pull out method is never smart....hope you wouldn't mind a kid
  3. if youre good at controlling your bust like me nothing to worry about, but that's aside from my question
  4. dude she is ganna get preggers before u even kno it.. then she's ganna decide "oh why dont I keep this baby, it's my body" then you're ganna be the baby dady and you dont want that.. so it looks like you're ganna have to go on kindaka at six flags or something if u want to abort dis baby
  5. If you have sex standing up she won't get pregnant because the sperm will just fall out, duh.
  6. You should do porn.
  7. i fucked my girl for ten years with out a condom. and i never got her preg.

    when we were ready to have a baby, i nutted in here every chance i got. and you know what?
    a month later she was preg

    so dont hate on us controlers lol........

    but yea its safe. just take a piss when ever your ready. its the chunky nut u gota worry about. not the fluid like one.

  8. My homeboy said fuck condoms to and all that same stuff, but he's now having a kid. Take a lesson before it's too late.

  9. I'm not trying to tell you what to do or be a dick or anything but.

    All the kids in my high school who ended up having kids said the same exact thing.

    Most unplanned fathers say the exact same thing.
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  11. Its true, what goes up must come down :cool:
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    you pre-cum and thats a guarantee, its science...take it from the guy whos spent over 3gs on abortions...

    if you penetrate with or without a condom there will always be an inherent risk...be prepared my friend, for the next experience may be unexpected...

    Edit: ive pulled out and everything in between..and unless im the most potent/unlucky male on the universe, its only a matter of time before your judgement day....
  13. go buy a lottery ticket cause you are one lucky SOB..i hope you realize that this circumstance is far from normal...

  14. Your post says anything but.
    You're like the drink driver that calls the odds bullshit because he hasn't splattered himself or anyone else yet.
    It's more likely your sperm count is low, you've put them all to sleep, or you're impotent.
    Also, as much as you think you've cleaned up...those sperm things? They aren't actual size when you see them in pictures, they're more microscopic.

    Ugh, the threads you see in here...
  15. I think he's just trying to show off.
  16. My friend had a question like this that I had no idea how to answer..
    He told me that over the past two years he was deep into chronic masturbating. He asked me if this would have lowered his sperm count and this made it less likely to in-pregnant someone.
    I had no answer for that,
    I don't suppose any of you guys would? Lol

  17. ^lol just tell your friend to smoke more weed to lower his count. He doesn't need to death-grip his penis to lower it.
  18. [​IMG]
    go out and buy this.
    silly boy
  19. [quote name='"BlueD"']

    ^lol just tell your friend to smoke more weed to lower his count. He doesn't need to death-grip his penis to lower it.[/quote]

    Can you provide some factual into on that? Is that true?

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