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Eighth of Some Dankity Dank

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by ProSmoker0, Dec 5, 2010.

  1. Well i stocked up on an eighth yesterday for $50. Relatively good deal where im located. Didnt buy a large quantity but im savin up for a christmas oz. haha cant wait for that. This stuff would have to be some of the best i have ever smoked (and ive smoked some GOOD stuff).

    Its a real head high mixed with a numb body... all around great high. It has a tint of purple which i was surprised to find as thats hard to come by where im at.

    No macros this time because i broke my camera so im having to use my Iphone 4, it gets the job done so its all good though haha.

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  2. Nice pickup, I don't care if purple buds come around because they make no difference.

  3. Yeah, i feel no difference its just the fact you have "purp" is kinda cool ya know?
  4. Good purps have a great taste to them. No difference in effect that I've noticed, but I look at it as drinking a Sam Adam's vs. a Bud Light. You'll catch a buzz from both, but I like the taste of Sam Adams better. Good looking bud.
  5. exactly. the taste of this strain is particularly piney and fruity taste also

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