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  1. an internal struggle
    the gears of my mind catch
    fight to turn
    fight for an answer
    im lost within myself
    yearning for a sense of direction
    utterly useless
    like an infant
    i struggle to grasp reality
    emotions coarse through my body
    sending shivers down my spine
    fits of anger, no release
    violent bouts of depression plague me
    the outside world cannot see
    but on the inside i burn
    long to be free, free from this place
    yearn to belong, to have some sense of meaning
    but for me there is no peace
    only the lonely shell of my life.

    Fuck depression. Fuck insecurity. Yeah my poem sucks but oh well.
  2. the only way poetry can suck is if it has no meaning to the author. This doesn't suck.

    I mean, poetry can definitely suck. but you'll find that the worst thing about poetry are the people who think they do it best, which is every poet.

    If you've got a meaning, and a point, and are emotional with it and wise and skilled in your word choice, tone, delivery, all things just fall into place. If none of that is present, those words might as well be hieroglyphs

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