Ego Death

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    To get straight to the point, something happened to me last night. It was an experience I will never forget.

    I was in my room yesterday evening, just browsing the web and dumb videos on youtube. I was fairly stoned from smoking after a tolerance break. I've smoked around 5 joints by this time.

    That's when shit really hits the fan, ladies and gents... 

    This strange sensation comes upon me. The best way to describe it is that I was two people at the same time. I was looking down at myself. 

    And then I feel pure horror. I realize how oblivious and insensitive I have become to other's feelings, and that I'm so wrapped up in a fucked up lifestyle that I've ignored everyone that's ever asked me to help them.

    I start looking around my room; at all the things I've accumulated in the years (guitars, books, clothes...) and I am feeling so unattached from them. Like they're just props, and that they don't really show how I am. 

    I begin to realize how I've been leading such a life so untrue to myself. I've been pursuing asinine delusions that made me so damn ignorant. I understand that I have to really be there for my loved ones. 

    I went to bed, and had such a restful sleep. 

    I quit my job this morning and deleted my social media accounts. I'm feeling so calm and so relaxed like never before. I am usually an extremely anxious person. Every single day I have shitty thoughts running through my head, and I constantly feel like shit. But today, I'm not feeling anxious or depressed in the slightest. I feel so damn free.

  2. It could be, did you feel like you were evaluating your life from an unbiased outsiders view point?

  3. Man u shouldn't have quit your job. You may regret that later. I think you had some ego loss but remember it is not rational to think that way. You need your ego. Embrace your trip but don't completely change your lifestyle because of one bad weed trip. Good work on deleting Facebook.
  4. Just gonna drop this here
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    Remember that moment. It was your mind showing itself locked knowledge.

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  6. The mind is an amazing bit of kit, waiting to be unlocked, your hear about people going on dmt trips and coming back realising what was wrong with their lives and how to correct them. Sounds a bit like what you've described.
    Why do you need ego?
  8. There is no ego, there is no death.
    There is no ego death.
  9. Are you completely silent within ? Or do you follow your thoughts

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    you have NO knowledge l

    ego is very real. your inner voice is your ego. dont tell us you have no inner voice we aint buyin it

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  11. Agree with mostly everyone. Your ego is what connects you to the earth. It seems you can have momentary ego deaths on certain unmentionables and apparently weed lol.

    If it completely died you would be an enlightened soul with no worldly attachments. Not necessarily bad but would take years of meditation and patience to achieve. Like Buddha or Jesus

    Weed is great for insight I'm glad you had a learning experience like this :)

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  12. I can really relate to this. Reminds me of last year when I took a semester off and for the first time ever, I didn't have to worry about grades or being forced into a daily routine full of stress, responsibilities, and anxiety. It's so liberating for very anxious people to actually feel care-free for a moment. I remember I got more in tune with my spirituality, read some great books, and even started looking at/ enjoying nature a lot more during that time period.
    Based on your passive aggressive post I take you do not understand the concept.
    <blockquote>Body is nothing more than emptiness, 
    emptiness is nothing more than body. 
    The body is exactly empty, 
    and emptiness is exactly body.The other four aspects of human existence -- 
    feeling, thought, will, and consciousness -- 
    are likewise nothing more than emptiness, 
    and emptiness nothing more than they.
    All things are empty: 
    Nothing is born, nothing dies, 
    nothing is pure, nothing is stained, 
    nothing increases and nothing decreases.
    So, in emptiness, there is no body, 
    no feeling, no thought, 
    no will, no consciousness. 
    There are no eyes, no ears, 
    no nose, no tongue, 
    no body, no mind. 
    There is no seeing, no hearing, 
    no smelling, no tasting, 
    no touching, no imagining. 
    There is nothing seen, nor heard, 
    nor smelled, nor tasted, 
    nor touched, nor imagined.
    There is no ignorance, 
    and no end to ignorance. 
    There is no old age and death, 
    and no end to old age and death. 
    There is no suffering, no cause of suffering, 
    no end to suffering, no path to follow. 
    There is no attainment of wisdom, 
    and no wisdom to attain.
    The Bodhisattvas rely on the Perfection of Wisdom, 
    and so with no delusions, 
    they feel no fear, 
    and have Nirvana here and now.
    All the Buddhas, 
    past, present, and future, 
    rely on the Perfection of Wisdom, 
    and live in full enlightenment.
    The Perfection of Wisdom is the greatest mantra. 
    It is the clearest mantra, 
    the highest mantra, 
    the mantra that removes all suffering.
    This is truth that cannot be doubted. 
    Say it so:
    Svaha!</blockquote></blockquote>Which means...
    gone over, 
    gone fully over. 
    So be it!</blockquote>
  14. ya sure you were just smoking some green?  Ya gotta go w ego death can't fight it
    It sounds like you're now aware and seeing the truth of your existence, welcome to the club. Now what journey will you embark on? Go back to doing the same routine many are stuck in or chase what truly makes you happy?
  16. That is not really your ego you're speaking of..but that was certainly a moment of self realization/actualization you experienced. It's part of your awakening

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  17. Does not have to take years

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  18. This happened to me when I was coming down from some euphoric unmentionables, I was feeling like shit and realised everything wrong with my life
  19. This is why my avi name is TesseLated.
     Who can say more? No 'who', no 'more'.

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