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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Bob Boxer, Sep 16, 2010.

  1. Can you become immune to the effects of smoking small amounts of grass?
    If this happens, can you only get the high feeling from smoking a shit ton?

    I just smoked a small bit from my bowl. It filled up about 1/4 of the bowl pack. Perhaps I just didn't smoke very much, and it was only mids?

    I'm asking because I've smoked fairly often lately, and want to know if I should take a short break.
  2. Try smoking more, if that doesnt help you need a break. Your tolerance rises the more you smoke, of course.
    I don't think a 1/4 bowl of mids would do anything for me at this point. It did back when I first started smoking though.
  3. Considering you use the same dose each time, yes, your tolerance will increase to the point where that dose does not affect you anymore.

    If you keep increasing your dose because of this effect, your tolerance goes up and up.

    However, at some point your tolerance hits a plateau, or "end", and no amount of weed works like it used to anymore. These are the zombie like smoke-all-day-but-not-feelin-it stoners, who frankly are doing it wrong.

    The good thing is you can't permanently ruin your tolerance, any period of abstinence will bring you back to baseline.

    This is well documented scientifically in the observation of down-regulation of cannabinoid receptors in the brain.
    Basically, when you flood your brain with cannabinoids, it closes some receptors, making you less sensitive. When you stop the flood of cannabinoids, the receptors open up again raising your sensitivity.

    Most daily smokers find a balance- keeping doses small and far apart enough that tolerance breaks aren't necessary, but you still feel the effects.
  4. Great info, dude!


    Focus on the last part of what he said, you will find your sweet spot and how long you need to wait from session to session to still get the job done everytime. Of course varying thc levels in your current stash will alter the results.

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