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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by weedidas, Sep 26, 2008.

  1. Not new but the question could go here.

    When I get high, most of the time when it hits me I suddenly feel detached from reality, or like everything is farther away. Sometimes I get shaky (not twitches) shaky like If I just got hella scared or cold. Sometimes my forehead gets warm and tingly.

    Are these normal effects from weed? or am I just having panic symptoms (weed sometimes gave me panic attacks, then it always did so I kinda quit because of that) and i get the depersonalization as it's called even without weed now. Is there any weed that doesn't give you the "detached from reality/shrinking into the inside of your head" feeling? I honetly can't stand it anymore because I get the exact same feeling during panic attacks or anxiety that I sometimes get w/ or w/o weed. I'm pretty sure all weed does this.:(
  2. Uh, I think I know what you're referring to with the detached feeling, but I don't know what you really mean about it. Does it like stress you out to get high? o_O
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    Haha, not realy, I used to LIKE getting high years ago, then had a panic attack so I stopped then was able to get high again after a few months, then got to high one night.

    Now I'm sort of afraid to get high ever since I had that last really bad panic attack on it a couple months ago and was getting panic attacks sober after that. So I'm basicly trying to enjoy it again but with no luck but realllllly wanting to. =\

    It's like my consciousness shifts deep behind my eye balls, and everything seems farther away, and like things feel less real. It never used to bother me when I wasn't noticing it much, but now that I get panic attacks and that feeling with them, I feel it while high to. Now getting high just feels like being fucked up, anxious, and spaced out, it's not fun or enjoyable or relaxing anymore. I'll try smoking it instead of vape and getting some diff weed. If that dont work then I think I'm done with it...
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  5. I remember smoking sour diesel with my girlfriend. We went downstairs into the basement to finish some laundry and POW! All of a sudden I felt like I was in a dream and I began to see things in a frame by frame image. Everything also appeared further away. Thoughts became more amplified in my head (not sure how to describe that aspect). I just kept telling myself its the drug I'll be straight in a few hours, enjoy it. A part of me did enjoy it thinking how neat it was that my perception had changed, images were more vivid like looking through a viewfinder etc... But another part of me kind of freaked out - like damn is this shit going to make me go crazy?
  6. the craziest thing i ever felt is that it seems like i was in a movie and i could imagine seeing myself from above and stuff. really weird shit.

  7. Youve just gotta focus on the first part you mentioned. But you dont have to worry about freaking out; thats not gonna happen. So just chill out when youre high, and only focus on the positive things.
  8. Yea man, idk about you but those are pluses in my book (besides the jittery thing, which I believe is unrelated to panic attacks as I get shaky but I've not to my knowledge had a panic attack)
  9. When you get blazed the experenice is what you make of it. You just have to ensure you stay in a good terrain of thought. Same thing happened to me the other night Hadent blazed in a week and a half. Smoked a blunt, and a few bowls from a bong...Point was I was fucked up.

    As long as you keep your mind on positive things, You are fine. I've noticed but when one of my friends brought of a depressing subject to me, It consumed me.

    Stay positive when high, a good high can turn into a nightmare if you are really really stoned. don't think about these problems...Just lose yourself in a positive thought or topic.
  10. the panic attacts could be due to other things. ive had one before and it was because i was thinking about not geting a panic attack.
  11. I forgot to mention that my muscles twitch too when smoking. Dopamine can produce muscle contractions. Its like split second muscle twitches. Like when you get startled and your muscles tense up. It usually is concentrated in my upper legs where most of my muscle mass is located. I do believe this is quite normal when introducing marijuana into your body. Sometimes it feels like my muscles are being massaged, but there is never any pain associated with the contractions, however it can sometimes be a little unnerving for first timers. I've talked with several "seasoned" tokers and they told me that when they first started toking it used to happen but they don't experience it any longer. If they do they don't notice it because they've been so accustomed to it after months or years of ingesting marijuana.

  12. Yea dude, I had the same problem, one day i smoked some good bud, had a serious panic attack in which i thought i was having a heart attack. My chest hurt for like a month before i went to the doc.

    Never had it before now i do

    My recommendation is, find other things that trigger your aniexty, do some deep breathing and clearing your thought and do the same for weed
    I all together quit because i cant stand the feelings n shit
  13. My side effects from mary are as follows, sleepy,happy,hungry (kat williams)
  14. its hungry,happy, sleepy

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