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Effects of Sativa vs Indica

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by lyconius91, Mar 11, 2016.

  1. I have smoked for a few years now and have come to notice that when I smoke Sativas, I get the normal energetic high. When I smoke Indicas, however, I get super sick... My face turns pale and my lips turn blue... Sometimes I even vomit. Has anyone experienced this or know what's causing this to happen?

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  2. Wat? That doesn't sound quite right to me, you definitely shouldn't get sick everytime. Sounds like you're greening out, i would take one or two hits and then wait ten min to see if you're high enough. Limit your intake, don't suck down a whole bowl in one hit, this is all i can recommend.

    As many say looking on the internet isnt the smartest idea for medical issues, although im no doctor i doubt its the indica. I have never heard of anything like this, not saying it doesn't happen. Keep us updated hope we can get to bottom of this for u op.

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  3. Have you inspected the bud closely for mold? Is your source reputable?

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  4. If you didn't grow it yourself, and even if you did, you may want to consider how organic that batch is.
    I will say, I get headaches from many different strains when they come from the dispensaries, not to knock dispensaries, but quick dried, dehydrated and that forceful psuedo decarb process used by some always effects me negatively. Make sure your buds are not mold or mildew affected. That can cause issues too.

    A good indica should be a delightful smoke and relaxing ride.
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  5. Could it be just the potency of the batch or is it more than likely the chems in pesticides and such?

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  6. It always happens when I smoke with others.... My friends all say its because I have a super low tolerance...

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  7. Oh man, I have noticed that too. Dispensary bud is fucking terrible!
    It's all quick cure crap.
    Vomiting from cannabis sounds like many things.. hard for us to know without seeing this bud first hand.
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  8. If you only smoke blunts maybe you have no tolerance whatsoever to tobacco. Nicotine is known to make people sick, who may not be customary to the tick.
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  9. Indica's give me a relaxing, more lazy high. Ive only gotten a bit ill once and I felt really nauseated. I figured this was because I was in a negative mood and just desperately wanted to get high but it didnt transfer over well to being high. I just slept it off and have been fine with both types of weed since.

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