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Effective methods of extracting THC?

Discussion in 'Incredible, Edible Herb' started by Hydroxy-metabolite, Mar 12, 2018.

  1. Is there any possible way to extract specific amounts of THC from marijuana? Let’s say there are 100mgs of THC in one gram of herb, would it be possible to extract 25mgs in four increments,Or something along those lines?

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  2. I don't know how you would do that, but you could certainly extract the 100mgs of THC and then dose it out in 25 mg/dose (divide it in fourths by volume).

    Why would you need to take only 25% of the material at the time of extraction?
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  3. For more exact use in edibles. How would you go about extracting it like that?
  4. I can't imagine that it's possible to extract a specific amount of THC milligrams from the raw flower the way you want, as there are so many variables. Quality of the flower, decarb times & methods, extraction methods, type of oil if you intend to infuse, etc...
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    To get the most out of each gram I suggest going the route of decarboxylated, powderized bud, with a small amount of coconut oil, ghee or other saturated fat added. The final but optional step is to add lecithin, preferably sunflower lecithin. Very important at this stage to grind your herb to a point that it is the consistency of fine flour.

    The resulting product, oil and powdered bud, looks like vile brown slurry, and is extremely potent and noxious smelling. After decarb, even the best smelling stuff becomes very medicinal. At this point you could just refrigerate the paste and let it harden to the point where you can just break off a piece that weighs 1/8th of the total weight.

    If you are starting with 25% claimed THC, subtract about 5% to account for testing bias and incomplete uptake of THC in digestion. 20% is a nice round estimate to use for calculating dosage.

    So for every gram, you have 200 mg of THC. You could add the powderized weed/coconut oil to any food and divide eight ways to have 25 mg servings. Chocolate is the easiest, all you need is a candy mold with sections.

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