Effect Of Grinders On Potency

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by turtle360, Jun 9, 2014.

  1. Just sunk in now after all this time............Aren't we destroying the potency of our weed by grinding it to a powder? The trichomes must get demolished.

  2. Facepalm

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  3. Hahaha oh boy...if that's a major concern of yours get a herbalaire no grinding required.
    no difference in potency at all..
    take the same bud, grind it with a grinder, or cut it w/ scissors, or grind it w/ your fingers.. pack it in a bowl and you will not notice any difference in how high you get.
  5. no matter how you break it up, you're gonna be knocking trichs off. at least with a grinder the trichs get contained and can eventually be collected again.
    besides, you wont be able to tell any difference in potency just by a little trichs falling off.
  6. Jimmy Carter. That's good.
  7. How does changing bud to powder affect potency? Nothing is necessarily lost since it is all in a closed space

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  8. Yeah if u grind it into powder which every other grinder other then a 2 piece doesn't do lol

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  9. I stopped using my grinder cause I like breaking it up with my fingers and I break it up over the bowl so it's all good in the hood

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