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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Filth Noir, May 13, 2010.

  1. So today, me and a friend were out looking around, and went to this smoke shop, I was walking on sunshine blazed, I find it kind of cliche to go to a smoke shop stoned ha ha, but yea.

    And we're in the shop, and the guy behind the counter doesn't say a word to us for ever, while we're walking around the store checking out the things, and while I was looking at the bongs, I called them bongs, and he comes over and tells me.

    I'm going to have to kick you out if you call them bongs one more time... they're water pipes..

    And he scared me... :( I'm like 6,4 and he was like... 4.. and so mean.. ha

    Don't think I'll be able to call them bongs ever again.. they're water pipes
  2. Well now you know
  3. Saying bongs in a smoke shop will get short people after me.. :(
  4. yeah dont call them bongs you will get kicked out.

  5. And knowing is half the battle

    G.I Joooeee
  6. Always been curious.. what's the other half? Started wondering after I used a water pipe...

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