Education, Job and a bit about yourself.

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  1. I wanted to gauge the members of  I would like to know what type of people are on this website, and to also show others who visit what we are made of.
    Tell me, and everyone your education, job and what you do for a creative outlet.
    I will start.
    I have a bachelors of science in natural environmental systems with a minor in ecology.  My plans are to return to school and get a masters degree in administration so that I can get a managerial position.  Currently I am an environmental scientist for an environmental consulting group in the midwest.
    My creative outlets:  reading philosophy and new discoveries in science, writing poetry, playing my djembe and taking long walks in nature.
    Feel free to add more. 
    Remember not to be too specific.  You never know who is watching.

  2. GED, I sell weed make a good 8k a month I'm not complaining
  3. Not bad for a sloppy guy who rides the bus to work late and eats chicken off camera for $7.25hr.
  4. Lmao this thread is off to a good start...
    Associates degree in paramedicine, just relocated a month or two ago for a fire dept in Washington . 
    Relaxation doesn't exist for me. My "creative" outlet is cars, but I can no longer afford it (going through a divorce).. 
    Now that I'm single again, my plans are reverting back to my original ones and going for pararescue in the Air Force. 
    Yep, that's basically it.
  5. Education? High school, currently attending community college part-time.
    Job? I make about $20/hour in a factory--which I'm pretty content with (and I don't mind the work).
    Creative outlet? I guess listening to/playing music is the main one. Biking is pretty meditative to me, too, if you want to count that. And I have a slight interest in photography. Hell, I guess you could count Minecraft as a "creative outlet." And reading, skiing, going to the gym... all those things are basically how I spend my free time, if that's what you're asking. 
  6. GED, with Outdoor Emergency Care, avalanche awareness level 3 certification, NSP professional ski-patrol certification, along with a food-handlers certification from when I was a teenager. I landed a ski patrol job in Breckenridge, CO, and love every aspect of what I do. My creative outlet is back-country skiing, camping, and traveling. Don't make much money, but I get a free season pass to the Mountain and about 18 others, plus I get paid to get first tracks in the freshest of powder :metal:
  7. Lmfao ill eat chicken ON camera for a $1000 a hour, my health comes before money
  8. Hs diploma, some college, work at UPSLove sports, drawing, and enjoy spending time with wife and kids.Sent from my HTC PH39100 using Tapatalk
    One of your now two persona's is lieing to us lol
    School: Highschool :cool:
    Occupation: Worked reality TV then Post production for a few years but now i own 40% in 2 Roll your own tobacco stores.. 4 of em by the end of this year. Really my work is my life now. I work generally 6 days a week sometimes 7... really my personal times are my sundays and in the early monring i go and play ball with my dog at the beach as the suns coming up.. Other than that. I work. Day in. and day out.
    Hopefully ill begin the building of my cabin in Northern Cali around mid 2015 and starting 2015 spring season im gunna start taking a few college courses on accounting, business management, philosophy and im really interested in late 1800's early 1900's history.
    So idk. Im gunna make something out of those pieces lol 
  10. i graduated college last year with BS in finance and BS in economics, right now i am about to start the second semester of MBA in finance.
    right now i trade financial securities online because im on winter break, but during the semester i survive on money from my parents. during undergrad i have interned at a federal reserve bank branch and the rotation program for a large investment bank. (not gonna say who it is in case they offer me a job lol)
    my interests include: 
    smoke mad weed
    civil engineering (bridges, skyscrapers ,etc)
    playing piano covers of justin bieber songs 
    financial markets
    fitness and nutrition
    predicting the future
    living forever
    upscale shopping and dining experiences
    bike touring
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    I'm a farmer
    I have a PHD (Post Hole Digger)
    And some BS

  12. Im a bartender getting my bachelor's in wildlife ecology.

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  13. Education-pursuing a political science degree with a possible segue into law. I have to take the spring semester off for financial reasons...which is very demoralizing what with this being the second semester I've taken off within the two year span that I've been going to school..But such is life.
    Job-I've been unemployed since mid October, which is why I have to take time off from school. Things aren't exactly coming together at the moment, but all things are temporary.
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    Made a pile in my first career with a HS degree and technical training, retired early and fucked off for many years. Just finishing a CC degree in a hot field, and figure to make as much as I want...depending on how hard I want to work at it. Which may not be real hard.
    You truly are...The One.
  16. Associates degree in mathematics and chemistry

    Working in the field of study? Fuck no.

    I hold down manager positions (I guess) at a couple local private security companies.

    Eh, its alright. Could be worse.
  17. Education-GED, looking to get into a trade soonJob-Pizza place and a family owned business on the side, trying to get a better paying job at a factory or something until im done with schooling thoughCreative outlets-big music and nature lover, i go camping a lot.
  18. Attending community college trying to major in Biology.

    Got a job that pays minimum. Pretty chill though.

    For outlets, I like drawing, producing music, photography and going on adventures.

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  19. Wow...y'all is some educated mofo's.........Good thing you niggas don't smoke'd be worthless!
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    Senior in high school, i work at a local sub shop washing dishes, a liquor store with my brother, and a paintball field with my brother. I like to shoot, fish, hunt, I love the outdoors ,i like baseball, i wrestle, and ill have my black belt in 8 korean martial arts in about 3 months.

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