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    A big high to everyone, thought it'd be fun to journal this grow. I have to harvest this before our vacation in April (maybe May), so I'll be rushing this one. Not after a big yield - just want to smoke some good stuff and this shit is supposed to be fast!


    *Note: All updates have pics

    12/19/09 Day 00 - Cracked & planted
    12/22/09 Day 01 - Update "Broke ground" ..... Page 1
    12/27/09 Day 06 - 2nd set of leaves opened up (yawn - I know...)
    12/28/09 Day 07 - Update "Doing Good" ..... Page 1
    12/31/09 Day 10 - Update "Good Bye 2009" ..... Page 2
    01/04/10 Day 14 - Update "Ready to Veg" ..... Page 3
    01/09/10 Day 19 - Update "Finally Growing" ..... Page 4
    01/17/10 Day 27 - Update "Looking Good" ..... Page 5
    01/18/10 Day 28 - Moved to 12/12 flower space
    01/20/10 Day 30 - Transplanted to 3 gallon
    01/21/10 Day 31 - Update "Flip Flop and Fly" ..... Page 6
    01/28/10 Day 38 - Pistils spotted, start flowering count
    02/03/10 Day 44 - Update "Confirmed female" ..... Page 7
    02/17/10 Day 58 - Update "Big Boobs" ..... Page 9
    03/02/10 Day 70 - Update "Big Buds" ..... Page 10
    03/12/10 Day 80 - Update "Sharpening the Axe" ..... Page 11
    03/18/10 Day 85 - *CUT* - "Don't Fear the Reaper" ..... Page 12
    04/09/10 *SMOKE REPORT* ..... Page 14


    Lights: T5 (24" 110w) @ 18/6 for veg .:. HPS 600w 12/12 for flower
    Medium: Coco (fiber coir) & perlite (50% - 50%)
    Nutes: Fox Farms Trio (Grow Big, Tiger Bloom, Big Bloom) plus whatever

    Strain: Super Skunk (Feminized)
    Breeder: G13 Labs
    Source: Attitude (UFO)
    THC: High
    Height: Tall
    Flower Time: 45-50 days (say what!?!)
    Type: Indica/Sativa
    Genetics: Skunk #1, Afghani hash

    Breeder Notes: G13 Labs Super Skunk was one of the first serious projects to create a next-level cannabis hybrid by crossing the groundbreaking Skunk #1 with an ancient, pure-bred, highly resinous Afghani hash plant. In 1990, Super Skunk was released to great acclaim. Flowering is between 45-50 days and produces a medium yield.

    Grower Notes (that's me!): We will call her Ginger Lynn to celebrate her pioneering spirit and willingness to work with other girls and bring them into the spotlight with her, not to mention her fast-acting nature and ability to rise to prominence.



    OK, here we go! 20 hours in water and the seed has dropped and cracked, you can see the white root making it's way out. This gets poured into a 1 gal pot of coco and it should break ground in a day or two.
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    DAY 1

    Lights {18/6}: 110w T5 6400k ~~ Nutes: None ~~ ph: 6.3 ~~ Temps: 70-79 ~~ rh: 39%


    Well she poked her helmet head out by morning and shook it off by afternoon, these pics are both from today.

  3. alright i am the first to subscribe do i win a prize ed?:smoke:
  4. Dang it! You beat me to the first post. This girl, Ginger Lynn, is going to be a lovely leader of the community.
  5. sorry mrs ed no disrespect intended. i am just quick on the draw:smoke:
  6. Damn you!

  7. all you bought was one seed ed ? or did you mix an order?:smoke:
  8. Here we GROW again!
  9. No biggy...I really should have posted last night right after he put it up before everyone found it! :D

  10. I tried to award you, but said I had to spread the love around LOL

    I got a 5 pack pick & mix and Attitude threw in two free beans - this was one of them.

    Hi Toroth :wave: Good to see you here man!
  11. DAY 7 - Doing Good

    Lights {18/6}: 110w @ 6400k ~~ Nutes: None ~~ ph: 6.0 ~~ Temps: 70-82 ~~ rh: 34%


    Not a whole lot going on, everything seems to be on track as far as timing, the first two weeks are just so long with no action.

    My home made PC fan keeps air moving around, but that's about it.

    2nd set of leaves showed up yesterday

    She has purple stem & new growth. Not really sure why, but I'm not too worried about it right now.

    I dropped the T5 a notch incase it's too chilly, according to the thermometer it's about perfect lately.

  12. Beautiful Ed, just beautiful! Her purple almost reminds me of Lucy :) It's pretty, though -- did you check to see if that's a strain trait?
  13. I tried looking it up but could not find an official source on it, but I did find several other SS grows with the same seedling color. This is the first time I've seen it in the new growth like that.

    I think the plants somehow know it's winter outside, even if inside temps are perfect. It seems like every journal (N hemi) with sprouts right now has purple stems, and thinking about it in the past - cold weather seems to encourage that. Just a theory. When it's summertime - or even spring or fall for that matter, my sprouts always come up green from top to bottom.

    Hmmm... I'm going to try sprouting some seeds in my ol' fav peat pellets, I get the healthiest and greenest plants that way. If they come out purple... I think this season may be a factor. Again, just a theory... I really can't find any good info on it other than it being genetics, phosphorus def, or cold temps.
  14. ed just about everything i have sprouted thus far since coming indoors in the fall, has had purple in the stem and small growth. some of them keep it till flowering but once they hit the hps bye bye purple unless its in the strain. so i would have to agree with your assumption on the changing of the seasons playing some part in the coloring :smoke:
  15. HIGH All, wow...nice Organized Journal Ed...may I call you Ed? Love your Girl's name btw.

  16. Strange, huh? I never gave the purps a second thought before, but $20 seeds will make you looks twice LOL

    Hey unoit! Thanks man, I try - I'm kinda anal about journaling LOL. I just want to make it as friendly for others as I can, hopefully help someone in need one day like GC has done for me several times. You can call me Ed - AskEd is just an homage to my first growing teacher. Thanks for droppin in man, looks like you been around the city a bit, checking out your sig links now...
  17. ...great hash guide unoit... can't wait to have some trim to try that!

  18. HIGH All, *LOL* just a poor man's way my Friend.

    Good to see others willing to help...much respect to you.

    *LOL* ya been around for awhile.
  19. i love ur journals...in for this one
  20. Hey rotten, good to see you here man! I'm pretty excited about this grow, hopefully it will be a good one. Another week or so of seedling and we'll be getting into the fun stuff :)

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