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Recipe Edibles

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Sueleelue, Aug 7, 2019.

  1. I have half an ounce that I will be making weed oil out of. Then I will be making brownies my question is one brownie mix box enough and do I use the amount of oil it says on the brownie mix box?
  2. Depends how potent u want it how good the herb is

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  3. Great herb brownie mix says to put 1/3 cup of oil but I was thinking of putting one cup
  4. I’m not sure if that’ll do much but I’m sure they will smack if you make them correctly

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  5. No. You'll completely ruin the ratio and consistency...sure you'll get more high but you'll be eating sludge.
    Just make 3 brownie mixes...each will have a little more than required on the recipe, but not enough to turn things into shit.
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  6. First decide how potent you want the brownies to be.
    For typical 15% thc herb, each gram has 150 mg thc.
    I frequently make cookies that each contain 1/4 g herb, which makes them about 40 mg each. I give them to friends, and they often eat 1/4 cookie.
    So if I were making 30 cookies, I'd use 7.5 g herb.
    The simplest thing to do is to make brownies with whole herb. But cookies are easier, and need to be baked less.
    Here's an easy recipe, tailored to 30 cookies, but the recipe can be multiplied or divided by any reasonable amount:
    1. Decarb @ 240 F for 40 min with a verifying thermometer
    2. Grind to fine powder
    3. Add herb and a roughly equal weight of lecithin to the recipe oil
    4. Pre-heat mixture to 220 F, then bake it at that temp for 20 min to infuse herb into oil
    5. Cool the mixture, then add the remaining ingredients, and follow the recipe
    The oil in the mix "protects" the thc from too much additional decarb, but try to keep time to a minimum.

    If you want to use existing medicated oil, try to determine how much herb went into it, and then you can figure out how much to use. But most strained oils contain only 30-80% of the thc, so use about twice as many grams of original herb as expected.
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  7. Or I can just make the one box use the 1/3 of weed oil which will give me a lot 12 brownies and see how I feel...
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  8. Cook the brownies according to directions, if you put a cup of oil in when it calls for 1/3, they aren't going to cook right or get solid, baking is a science so you want to follow recipes completely. There are other brownie mixes that call for a half cup of oil (just got a box of milk chocolate ones at the store yesterday for like 1.29 that calls for a half cup), and you can infuse your half oz into the half cup of oil and use that. I just made a batch yesterday with a 1/4 oz of flower but I didn't strain it before putting in the brownies to up the potency.
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  9. 1/8th of Cannabis = 3.5 grams
    We use 15% to get a rough estimate of how many mg we are working with.
    1 gram @15% = 150mg of THC
    3.5 grams of Cannabis @15% = 500mg of THC.

    Decarb first.
    Place buds on a cookie sheet in the oven uncovered at 240 F for 40 minutes.
    Grind to dust. As fine a powder as you can get.
    Add decarbed cannabis dust to the exact amount of oil the recipe calls for.
    Heat oil and Cannabis dust @ 220 F for 20 minutes. 40 minutes if it's a half cup of oil or more.
    Add dry ingredients to the oil-cannabis and blend well.
    Cook brownies-cookies following the directions on the box.

    I'd start with no more then 25mg. Wait 2 hours. If not stoned eat 25mg or 50mg more. Wait another 2 hours before eating more. Repeat as needed.
    While slow this is the safer way to find out how much you need or can handle. To much edible is NOT much fun even for very experienced users like myself. Not only is it extremely intense it lasts and lasts and lasts and lasts.
    It doesn't wear off for 6 to 10 hours so your just stuck to take the trip.

    Like a wicked scary rollercoaster there is no getting off mid ride. Your locked into the seat and get to take the full ride and hang on till it ends.

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