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Edibles problem?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Flipout, Sep 13, 2009.

  1. Ok, so about 2 hours ago, I made some cannabutter with about .6-.8 grams of Bubba Kush. After I made the butter, I put it into an airtight container for about another 10 mins, and then put it onto some toast and ate it (was pretty hard to stomach but I had no other choice...). This is my 3rd time trying edibles, and so far it only worked on my first time. The first time I tried them, I had a horrible experience because I ate waayyy too much without knowing and ended up greening out really badly and passing out. I was just wondering why its not working anymore because I have yet to feel the effects and its been about 2 hours. :confused:
  2. I've always been told to enjoy my food so it digests better. Perhaps it's still sitting in your stomach, or maybe you haven't convinced your liver to secrete the bile. Just a thought. Having something else that's tasty and fatty, like a bit of peanut butter might stimulate it enough.
  3. So your saying it could still take time to kick in because my body hasn't digested the butter yet.
  4. You prolly had the heat to high and killed the THC!

  5. No, I'm 100% sure it wasn't too high at all, just enough to melt the butter and stay warm.
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    The plant has to go through aging, heating, or burning before THC is 'activated' or decarboxylated from THC acid. How fresh was your plant? Keeping it warm might not have been enough to acquire the psychoactive THC, and further to extract the compound from solid bits.

    The stuff then has to dissolve and diffuse into your butter, so it helps if you expose as much of the herb by grinding it up well, or heat it for longer periods of time.

    Eating on empty stomach makes all the difference.
  7. My friends have had this problem before and have found out that if you eat something after your herb edibles that you can feel it a lot faster and more intense. might have something to do with how fast it gets digested, IDK but it seems to work.

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