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Edibles NEVER working for me

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by nicrowave, Apr 22, 2010.

  1. So ive had edibles before, none have worked. i didnt know why, but just yesterday my guy gave me brownies. i know they were reliable because he made them for himself and just gave me a quarter batch and let me take my pick and hes a reliable guy anyway. So i ate about .5 worth of weed in one today, then an hour and a half later, didnt feeling, and ate that same amount again. i only need about .3 bowl to get me high smoking. so idk whats wrong. does it ust NOT work for some people? about three hours later im feeling on and off but idk if its placebo maybe i dont think so. do i need to eat a lot more or somrthing? anything would be appreciiated. plus ive gotten edibles from lots of different sources, so its not like im makin em wrong every time.
  2. Usually when I eat edibles I feel a bit off, then nothing. If I light up like.. 30 minutes after eating I get incredible long lasting highs.. Try that?
  3. YEAHHH that seemed to work for me too i just figured maybe i was imagining it like placebo or something. but i ate a firecracker and after an hour of nothing, i smoked just like enough that would normally get me buzzed, and it made me superr high. like a kickstart
  4. how much do you think i should try eating if im gonna smoke a quick bowl afterwards
  5. eat a 1g firecracker, and light up a bowl or 2 while you wait.
  6. i think that would get me waaayy too high. i only need to smoke one bowl with a little kief topping to get really high
  7. Real brownies, you will start feeling it in 45 mins and u will KNOW u are hiiiiiigh in 2 hours.

    The guy who made your brownies probably only cooked the oil or butter for 20 mins - 1 hour. If you want real potent shit go from 4 - 8 hours.

    CROCK POTS ARE THE WAY TO GO WHEN COOKING WITH OIL!!!!!! Made a realllly strong batch last night and im in the middle of making an even stronger one now.
  8. no, like i said, ive made them myself good ways, ive gotten them from many other people, and ive had different kinds (firecrackers, cookies, brownies, etc) nothign has worked. its not about making them badly.
  9. make the brownies in my sig. eat them. if they don't work then you are a small percentage of people that can't get high from brownies or other baked goods. try cannamilk, i've heard that works.
  10. I've tried multiple edible recipes with varying amounts of cannabis and have yet to get more stoned, or even stoned on them. I only feel more empty headed, and an extended mellow buzz but maybe its the tolerance
  11. Do you have a super high metabolism, by chance? :confused:

    I don't know what effect that would have on it, but my husband is the same way and the only thing I can figure is that it's his metabolism. He could probably eat an elephant and not gain a pound. ;)

    Before anyone says it was the treats we tried, it wasn't. :p
    He's tried bunches of different treats made very well by many different people. Each time they would get me and everyone else who tried them flying high, but not him.
    Most recently it was some potent oil, about half a tablespoon got me feeling ripped but 2 whole tablespoons didn't really do anything for him.

    I've seen a couple other threads on here before with people having similar problems. I honestly think they just don't work for everybody. :confused_2:
  12. i feel you on this man.. i ate 3.5g worth of brownies once, waited an hour and a half and felt NOTHING. i had to smoke a bowl to get started, and i wasn't even THAT high, it just lasted for like 3 hours. i just ate like 3 glops of some weed peanut butter.. hopefully that will work, cuz i got no weed!
  13. btw my peanut butter didnt work, it just made me feel like shit for the past 2 days. i hate edibles haha
  14. Cooking marijuana is a delicate art. Even if your friend is reliable and maybe even has made brownies before (that worked) he may have messed up the batch and didn't know it. Using to much heat, not extracting into butter (or other medium) for a long enough time, and using low-grade bud could all be factors.

    Also it could depend on what you ate, or what was in your stomach before hand. Some sugar is helpful in aiding the digestion of THC, HOWEVER to much can actually prevent proper absorption. So perhaps that was the problem?
  15. munce up on a empty stomach!! they work real well.

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