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Edibles High vs. Smoking High

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by GreensPORFAVOR, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. I have yet to try edibles and I was wondering what you guys thought the difference was between the two. Which do you prefer? Pros? Cons?
  2. Only did brownies once, my first time, and I got MESSED UP. Reeeeaaally high. Got a total body high, lots of shaking, hard to walk, but that was me.
  3. ^^ sounds awesome. I was arguing with my boy about whether to make brownies or smoke it all (quarter). Whatchu think?
  4. I just made a pan of browns out of a 1/2 zip of schwag. They are AWESOME. I am making more tomorrow. :) Assuming my shitty weed connection doesn't flake out. Again.

    You should definitely make some browns. They are the best.
  5. quarter will definately last you longer if you smoke it
  6. Bro. Seems like chocolatey brownie goodness ftw? Haha. Cashmere?
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    idk usually when i injest my high is much longer although not as intense, just today i had some nice drink and was high for about 6 hours when i usually smoke good bud such as diesel or NY or Boston haze and only stay high for about 1 1/2 hours
  8. just make sure you eat about 1 g(weed) worth of brownies. This is a really cool way to get weed into your system. make sure you eat them on a completely empty stomach though. also, it will take about an 45 mins- 1.5 hours before you start to even feel a buzz so make sure you smoke constantly until it hits you, this makes the experience all the better :smoking:
  9. If I could I would eat a brownie a day. Edibles are a lot better than smoking IMO. :smoke:
  10. alright sounds like edibles r the way to only problem is this quarter we got iss looks like someone jizzed of the bud its so white
  11. When I made them the other day, I ate 3 right after they came out of the oven. 2 hours later I was FUCKED. It was great. For everyday blazin', browns are a sure fire thing. And yeah they get you messed for a long time too. That's my fav part about it. No need to refresh the high 2 hours in.
  12. dude brownies are good and all, but rice crispes are way danker. read the instructions, its so easy to make.

    Canna Cap'n Crunchy Treats

    1/4 cup real butter (no margarine or bullshit)
    10 oz. marshmallows
    6 cups Cap'n Crunch Berries
    4 grams weed (shake, trimmings, stems, etc.)

    Also: Large saucepan, fine wire mesh strainer, tupperware.

    First, the Cannabutter
    To prepare, grind up whatever you're using for weed and break up any stems so you've got maximum surface area for THC extraction. Now you're going to need a pretty big saucepan on very low heat to melt your butter. Once the butter is completely melted, stir in all your weed evenly. This should simmer for about 20-30 minutes, making sure to keep the heat very low so as not to burn off the good stuff. I'd try to keep stirring it as often as possible just to keep the weed distributed evenly and free of scorching.

    Once that's simmered for 20-30 minutes, throw all of it (including the weed) into a small tupperware container. Put a lid on it and refrigerate at least 1 hour or until it has solidified (can be refrigerated at length as well, probably yielding a more potent cannabutter the longer it sets, but 1-2 hours works just fine).

    Take your solidified weed / butter concoction out of the fridge and remelt it over very low heat using the same pan from before. While this is going on, assemble a filtration station: fine wire mesh strainer over a small tupperware container (w/ lid). As soon as your butter is completely remelted, strain it through your filtration station, making sure you get as much of the liquid butter out as you can (helps to press it with a fork). Set aside the buttery weed mush for another project or just throw it out if you don't give a shit (i did a second butter wash with it so i'd have a bit left over to make grilled cheese and what not).

    Now, normally you'd put a lid on it and toss it back in the fridge a second time until it solidifies, then you'd be good to go. But for the purposes of this recipe, we need the butter melted anyway, so on to the next step.

    Then, the Crunchy Treats
    So make sure your large saucepan is all cleaned out with no solids in it, and put it on medium-low heat. I'd toss a half tablespoon or so of regular butter (non-weed) in the pan or grease it up somehow for the marshmallows so you don't get too much of your cannabutter in direct contact with the heat. Start adding in decent amounts of marshmallows. Pour your cannabutter little by little over the marshmallows, stirring heavily. Continue doing this until you've used up all 10 oz. of marshmallows and the ¼ cup of cannabutter. Stir briskly until most of the marshmallows have melted, this may take a bit because the heat should still be on medium-low. Begin stirring in the cereal one cup at a time. Be careful not to crush any of it, and also not to burn anything.

    As soon as the cereal has been mixed in evenly, remove it from heat. Pour this Fluff looking mixture into a GREASED (can also use wax paper) 13x9 tupperware container. Make sure you spread it out evenly, all the way to the corners. Using something to gently flatten it out will be a big help, I used the back of a spoon with some pam sprayed on it to prevent sticking. Now throw a lid on it and refrigerate at least one hour or until it solidifies completely. Cut it into at least 6 squares, probably more like 8-10 depending on what kind of weed you used, tolerance, etc. I cut mine into 6 squares, and later decided to split it further into 8 squares because eating 2/3 of a whole one sewed me to the couch for several hours.

    Takes 30-90 minutes to hit you. Make sure you start with a smaller dose before you jump right in there if you're kind of new to edibles. Eating cannabis gives you a much more psychedelic high, which resides mostly in the body.
  13. this recipe just made my day
  14. edibles have much more of a body load to the high, and for this reason tend to be trippier. Subconsciously, when smoking one knows one is going to get high, and notices onesself getting high as one smokes each hit, causing a more in control high. When you eat edibles, you dont know when its going to hit you, so it feels subconsciously more like you are tripping than getting high.

    Hence edibles tend to be a more intense experience.

    Both good both useful both enjoyable.
  15. smoke it the brownies for some mid
  16. alright guys i need assistance in choosing wat to do.

    ive been weighting from a close hookup (family) who grows his shit and so do alot of his buddies. his buddy is harvesting some amazing dank (ive had sample from previous plants). ive been told that it should be ready monday (its 200$ an o with a close connect so it should be good).

    help: i have about 1 gram of high mids left. should i smoke this gram slowly to make me last the next 3 days orrrrrrr take a 2 day tbreak and save the weed for edibles on sunday (after making firecrackers and leaving them out for 3 days).

    lmk asap
  17. don't get discourage if the high takes forever to set in... i had weed brownies and my friends were feeling it and i didnt so i thought it sucked. it took me like an hour and forty minutes to feel high and it was intense.
  18. any time ive eaten an edible ive blazed the whole time while on it
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    The shakes are like a mild panic attack. if the weed used for the brownies was more sativa dominant. then you would get an intense cerebral high and racing heart. with alot of perception changes. it maybe too intense for you. but you won't die unless truly you have an allergic reaction to cannabis or you are just on prescription medications (it's bad to mix cannabis with most medications). I am not an expert or a doctor. :poke:

    Edibles really depend on the cannabis used. hybrid or sativa or indica. sativas (headies) in edibles are intense but worth the experience if you can prevent yourself from not getting paranoid you can enjoy the experience.
  20. Frognuts here! I wanted to share my experience with edibles. First of all I work at a dispensary owned by people that do not use the product. So basicly I am the one that tries and judges the products. Many growers don't use the product either which contributes to a market full of trash but that's a story for another thread. So I usually try five to ten products per week. I have been turned off on edibles for a while now untill I decided to make my own. I never felt so cool in my life off of about one gram of leda UNO sprinkled on a red barron four cheese pizza. I mean flying like a blimp too!! The Leda UNO was pulled early by preference for the high it has before the plant actually bulks up(no commercial grower would ever cut a plant before it reached it's full potential weight, but usually by that point the awesome characteristics of the high and flavor have began to break down chemically and the vegetive weight lowers the percentage of oils to vegative mater ratio meaning the goodness becomes less pure). So there is my point. The edibles I had tried in the past were from over finished buds and lacked the trippy effect completely and was more like a Valium then what is possible with CBD and CBN free buds. Why drag like an anchor, when you can fly like a blimp?

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