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Edible ?s

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Dopecloudkid, May 18, 2010.

  1. Ok before you tell me wrong section i need quick help and I already posted in edible but no one answered. Ok my question is if someones never smoked before will they get high off edible for the first time eating them
  2. ...hell yeah. If the edible is properly done..... edibles have a much stronger buzz and the buzz last longer.
  3. would firecrackers work
  4. most likely, however i know a lot of people who didnt get high their first time smoking, so i guess the same could be said for edibles. Plus, edibles take longer to kick in, and dont hit you as fast as smoking
  5. would .5 of some medical dank work
  6. not to sound like a dick but thats the whole reason for my ? I know some people don't get their first time through smoking I thought an edible high would work for a first timer because I always thought it was a different type of high
  7. well, now that i think about it, i think the whole not getting high your first time could be because they dont know how to inhale properly, and dont want to smoke enough. If that is the case then edibles are a great route.
    Although another theory on why people dont get high their first time is because they expect something completely different(hallucinations, MAJOR change in thinking, etc), and they dont realize they are high.

    In any case, it wont hurt anything, and most likely if you eat a half g of some kill your first time you will be quite high, so just go for it?
  8. i believe so. but smoking is a better first experience in my opinion. edibles can be intense, and takes forever for your high to peak. and in this timespan you might think. im not high. i dont think its working i think ill eat another 2 brownies. which will fuck you over.

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