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Edible club

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Misty Mountain Hopper, Jan 27, 2014.

  1. Soo I have been looking around, and I think we should have this, so I'm going to start the edible club! Come here and post pictures of your beautiful bud and what you're putting it in to. Tell stories of new tricks for better or faster ways to make edibles. Or tell about funny things that have happened with your edibles. People who are in the edible club should be people who regularly use edibles and know that they are the easier hassle free way to have a great time. :)Sent from my SCH-I535 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  2. Bought an edible and ate it with my friend at night, got sad when we thought it was a dud but then 2 hours later it kicked in and it had a strong body and a decent head high. Spaced out on the computer and watched movies :metal:
  3. ate 3.5 grams in brownies of high grade sativa after not having any weed for over 2 weeks and had an amazing psychedelic experience. edible herb is really not that bad! i can understand why people puke/have bad trips on them, but i think as long as you use a sativa strain and have the right set and setting for the trip you're set! even with ridiculously high amounts. 
    in fact me and my friend have made it a ritual now. I rarely smoke nowadays, but once every few months we just eat a shit ton of edible herb. when used properly, weed is a fucking powerful drug, man. and its awesome
  4. Sounds amazing. I definitely think I could handle it. I'm definitely up for the psychedelic part. Had CEV's from dabs before. It was pretty intense and I lived every minute!Sent from my LG-VS410PP using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  5. Had edibles for the first time about three months ago. Me and a friend put an eighth of Afghan Kush into some brownies. I ate one that night and after an hour I felt nothing so I ate another >_> at exactly an hour and twenty five minutes I was gone. I started hearing people talk and after awhile my legs felt like waves of water or some shit. It was insaaaane. Then I pigged out and watched adventure time.
  6. Was making a decent batch of coco oil the other day.. had it warming on my hot plate to liquefy the solid chunk that it was. There was oil around the outside of the jar that my gf wiped off and when she set it down she set it down a bit too hard. The bottom of the jar busted off and all my oil was gone ;[ Managed to save almost a 1/4 of a cup off the table tho..

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