Edges of leaves turning upwards (pics) .

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  1. I have some LR2's going right now . A couple of them have started turning upwards at the edges of the leaves , and I was curious what is causing this . I was thinking underwatering , so I just gave them a medium watering . They still seem to be growing very healthy , and quickly . Any help will be apreciated , thanks .

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  2. praying for MG, whats the soil pH.
  3. May be too hot,,, light wise,,,, or nutrients,,, try alittle more H2O and cut distance of lights. dont give um any juice for a week .. Kind of like flush um with water.
  4. Well , it's not the miracle grow with the slow-release ferts , it's MG organic choice (if that makes any difference) . I know that the organic MG does not contain that osmocote shit .

    I don't have a soil pH tester , but I do know that the water used for watering has a pH of about 6.8 .

    Other than the organic nutrients that are already in the soil , I have only added a single half-dose of fish fertalizer (5-1-1) , nothing else though .

  5. Maybe I will try backing the light up about an inch or so . I haven't added much at all for nutes (read my post above this one) , but maybe even that small dose was too much for the dwarfs . I just gave them a medium watering a few hours ago , I'm just really trying to be careful though because I don't want to overwater . Thanks for your help .
  6. OK do an internet search for "praying for MG" , assumptions will make an ass of you and me.
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    My bad man , usually when I see MG I think miracle grow . Praying for magnesium , damn that looks like the problem . I see that I need some epsom salt .
  8. On the right road but hold up, you need to find out why.

    There are many reasons. Please make sure MG is difficult by testing the pH of the run off water. If it's 6.5 ish then give some MG.

    It could be nute lockout caused by a high or low pH, feeding or adding MG will make the problem worse..
  9. As far as watering you dont want to water light or medium.... you cant give your plant too much water but you can water too often...

    When you water you want to saturate the soil, if you have proper drainage, so you dont get dry spots in your soil. Ideally you want to have runoff of about 25% of the water you put in. I place a container under my pot, give about half the water, wait 15 minutes , give the balance of the water. You wont know how much the first watering but you will after using this method.

    Whatever runoff you collect you want to check the runoff PH, that will tell you what the ph of your soil is.

    Now dont water your plant again untill your pot gets light, but before your plant start to wilt. This method will make sure that the roots are getting the water they need but also letting the soil aerated and give the roots the O2 they need.

  10. Unfortunately , I was anxious to fix the problem and added some epsom salt last night(1 teaspoon in a gallon of water) . I don't believe that I made anything worse because they look the same today , but I only gave them a small amount of the epsom salt water .

    Yeah I'm hoping that the problem is not nutrient lockout , but it seems that is much more common than nutrient deficiency .

    I will check the pH of the runoff the next time I water (1-2 days) , but I need to let the soil dry a bit now .

    Thanks for the advice man , I'm really trying not to screw this grow up (it will be my personal supply) . So far , 4 out of 8 of my plants are female . I am growing Lowryder #2 under a 400watt HPS .
  11. Watering is my biggest problem . I'm always so fearful of overwatering (because I read that is the leading cause of plant death) that I end up underwatering . I haven't found the right balance yet .

    So it's not the single overwatering that kills plants , but it's actually watering too frequently and never allowing the soil to dry out ? I guess that's why it doesn't kill your plants when you flush the soil . Thanks for spreading that bit of knowledge , I will have more confidence in my watering now .

    So once the soil is dry I will give a much needed full watering , and then test the runoff pH . Thanks for the help , much apreciated .

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