Ed Rosenthal on Dateline Tonight/Letter From Ed To His Supporters

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  1. Subject: Ed Rosenthal on NBC's Dateline this Friday


    Tune in to Ed Rosenthal on NBC's DATELINE this Friday, February 21, 9-10pm ET/PT (8-9 pm Central). Stone Phillips talks to Ed and others about medical marijuana, his recent federal conviction, and the jury revolt. Check your local listings for details.


    Dear Friends,

    As you probably know, I was recently convicted of cultivating marijuana for medical patients in a trial the very jurors who convicted me have since called "a kangaroo court." You can read the details on the Green Aid website at http://Green-Aid.com.

    I was disappointed by this defeat because I know that a jury presented with the whole truth would have acquitted me. I know this because the majority of jurors that convicted me have publicly said so and called for a new trial. They were not able to see through the government's lies. They did not realize that my defense was not allowed to present witnesses that would have placed my work with medical marijuana patients in a different light, including the city officials who had attempted to insure my immunity from prosecution. The judge and prosecutor insisted that no matter how "noble" my efforts, my intent could not be taken into consideration. Nor, they said, could "justice" be considered.

    Let me assure you that this trial was just the first battle in an engagement that will eventually exonerate me. My case is the "tipping point" for medical marijuana laws. The outcome of my appeal will affect all marijuana users in the U.S., whether medical or recreational. My conviction and the attention it's gotten place the country's marijuana policies under scrutiny for the first time in our lives.

    The government thought that they were choosing the battle to their advantage. Little did they realize that they were not netting a butterfly, but disturbing a hornet's nest. Please keep writing to newspapers, calling and writing your legislators and fighting for your rights.

    I'd like to thank everyone again for their support of my fight to keep medicine available for all who need it. In addition to my family and friends who have been so wonderful, I'd also like to thank the folks at Green-Aid: The Medical Marijuana Legal Defense and Education Fund.

    Green Aid is helping to fund the legal expenses and have helped place this case in the public's eye. Now they are also helping with the Santa Cruz WAMM bust and Lynn and Judy Osbourn in southern California. These are two more tipping point cases.

    Green-Aid needs your help so that it can change the marijuana laws. These legal battles are costly if you think of what it costs to defend one person. However, when you realize that this case and others that Green Aid is working on could knock down the marijuana laws, the $350,000-500,000 they spend on a case doesn't seem like a lot of money.

    Green Aid provides such vital services in changing the marijuana laws
    that I feel privileged to have their support. Don't think that you are doing them a favor by giving them a contribution. They are doing us the favor by being there and fighting to protect our rights.

    Please join with Green Aid by making a generous contribution at http://www.greenaid.com. Your tax-deductible donation makes you a part of history.

    With your support, we will change the laws.

    Justice and Love,



    http://www.msnbc.com/onair/default.asp?program=Dateline NBC

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