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  1. damn my guy said he just picked up some beans how does it feel to roll is it good how is it? i just wanna know before i take them alright peace
  2. make sure it's been made properly, otherwise it can fuck u up physically.. even more so atleast.

    and from what i've heard, u'll have no complaints with it haha. make sure you have a good environment though.
  3. i took it once and had a hell of an amazing time with it, loved it...just make sure you drink alot of water and in a controlled environment
  4. If its legit MDMA and you are not in a situation where bad trips will arise, you will fucking LOVE it.
  5. How can ANYONE have a bad ROLL (not trip). Thizz iz wat it iz. I miss it, i'd do it again right now, but... i promised myself I'd stop :(
  6. yeah don't worry about having a bad experience you will like it
  7. How exactly does one "make sure" it's made correctly?
  8. really the only thing you can do is buy a test kit that reacts different colors to the different drugs
  9. lol, I turned Buffet into a Thizz Kid (thas what it should say instead of "R O L L I N" under your name 'Thizz Kid"
  10. <3 <3 <3 <3 E...My dealer has a steady supply now, but I try not to do it too often. If it is really MDMA, I don't think it's possible to have a bad experience unless you take too much. Your first time will be absolute bliss. I'd say take at least 2, but no more than 3. They general rule with E is that less is more. Have some bud ready for the comedown though.
  11. Yeah, until youget a tolerance built up and your takin 8+ pills at once like I was doing. 2 should be a great start for you if your pills aren't bunk.
  12. Yea smoke, Im always hearin from buffet about rolls now, good job :D can't say I don't love it myself, though :p
  13. from erowid;

  14. I'll just say they call it ectasy for a reason...

  15. no word could describe it better than it's name :)

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