Ecstasy Trip last night!

Discussion in 'General' started by SuicidalSpaz, Aug 19, 2007.

  1. Hey guys, Spaz here. It's gonna be a long read, But Im still a bit on my E high, so here we go:

    Yesterday afternoon I was supposed to chill with my boy's GF ( We'll call her B, and Him J). B got into a minor fender bender at Target's and She couldn't drive me. Another girl drove me, and as we are nearly there, The kid calls ( probally 6pm) saying he is in Perth Amboy (northern Jersey) and won't be back till later.

    So now my night looks like shit. J isn't out of work until 10pm- UGHHHH! We plan to meet the kid in lakehurst ( a town like 10 minutes from me) at 10pm. He calls us at 10pm as we're nearly there saying he's just leaving in 15 minutes, he had to run home and grab it.

    We arrive back into my Town at J's house around 11pm. Him and B are fighting on the phone as usual. she wanted to come to the deal, but considering there was E,Percs, and Weed involved, and it was a new dealer, we didn't want her to go. She basically is calling him, yelling, and hanging up every 5 seconds while we're on a main road with cops like literally everywhere ( we saw 8 on the 10 minute drive home).

    We got to his house, and he was over B. They broke up, but were back together 10 minutes later. We tried to help him, and we all smoked a few bowls.

    Myself, J,G,J(other friend) and Jo(Girl) all blazed 2-3 bowls total. Jo complained she wasn't feeling well, and blacked out- HEAD FIRST INTO THE CONCRETE! Other friend J drove her home, and J( my boy) took a drive with B to work shit out. He said " Just go chill in my basement, I will be back between 30 minutes-1 hour. I walked into the basement and anticipated Guitar Hero II. His sister was upstairs, and we're pretty good friends. I called her and made her come down (she's 16, I'm 18). I showed her the bud, told her bout the percs, and that I took an E pill.

    I was feeling pretty damn good. Soon enough J ( my boy) and J ( other friend) were back. Myself, his sister, and Both J's blazed outside for a bit, and I took the 2nd E pill. They were purple lightning bolts.

    So, we smoked a full 1/8th. J needed to be home by two, and it was 1:30. He left for wawa to get some food and drink, and called us at 1:50 saying he drove home alright. So my boy J, his sis, and I chilled outside for 30 minutes. Now, Both triple stacked pills hit me. Being colorblind, I think they have actually of been blue, I'm pretty sure they were, and not Purple.

    We went back inside, And were chillin in the basement. My boy was playing crazy shit on Guitar Hero II and in real life on his Ibanez. Trippy shit. Right now I was tripping balls. For 3 hours I was high nonstop, and for the next 4 it came in waves. 15 minutes completely retarded, then 5 going towards baseline. Right as you thought the high would weaken, it started to peak again.

    Around 3am we went upstairs and chilled on the couch. First time for me doing E and not getting laid, and it was fine without it. I haven't rolled in nearly 4 months, and It was nice. We watched some TV, and he said he was gonna fall asleep on the couch. I was wired, and begged him not to. I basically stayed up listening to music and thinking and dancing till about 30 minutes ago (9 am) when I got back home.

    It took me forever to wake him. I was wide awake, and still am despite having barely an hour of sleep. These pills were quite expensive- 2 for $60. Considering how hard I rolled and how nice it was, I would enjoy paying 2 for $50, and see what he'll do. He's the only dealer in town with E, and its some nice shit. His bud also fucked us up insanely. It looked like decent mids, but with purple in it. I got a neck massage and shit too, but my boy and I called " no homo" first, just to make things clear, lol.

    So I dropped almost 12 hours ago, And I still feel a bit disconnected and Wide awake. I might get some more soon... My boy was so fucked up from the 2 percs and bud. John ( the other J) was so gone just fom the weed. J and I are the two biggest stoners in our town, and best friends. He had his head in his hands laughing at me and going " I'm so fucked up man". Only if he could feel how I was feeling. He never has rolled, and he wants to.

    Anyway, $60 for 2 pills is expensive. But, he's the ONLY connect in this town, and they were really really good pills. I might drop again tonight.
  2. How do you know they were triple stacked?
    How big were the pills?

  3. I have no sure way, But according to the guy they were. I rolled for a very long time, and tripped really hard. They were definatly Different Than the "singles" I had taken before that, these were much better. They were pricey, but I had a fun time. I'm wondering what is in store tonight. I'm gonna do a search and see if it's iight for me to take them again tonight, although holding off may be a good idea..
  4. Hey Spaz, sounds like a good time. now, to clear some shit up. You do NOT "trip" of thizz, you ROLL :p Damn thas some expensive thizz myane, come to Fresno and we can go over to my dealers crib and get some thizzles and hit up a rave. I can get prolly 15 pills for $60, hella bomb shit too.


    I wanna play guitar hero :(
  5. If they are true triple stacks I wouldn't drop two nights in a row, just my opinion. Especially without pre-loading.

  6. triple stacks, hahahhahah, that just means that there was more shit in it besides mdma. i love when people use that term, and dont know what it means. people use it to say there stronger, but no, just more shit. and you dont trip, on e, you roll.
  7. Where I come from we use triple-stack to describe pills that are literally the size of three singles stacked on top of each other. They tend to be a weaker pill though.
  8. dude just make sure you drink plenty of water and fruit juice while your rolling. I want some too, but dont know anybody around my area that has none....

  9. ahahahahahahaha, that just means your an ignorant person, and because someone has an opinion other than yours, you bug out and insult them.

    To clear a few things up:

    I ROLLED on E, not tripped. Fucking shoot me.

    I've rolled before buddy, and I wrote that whole thing at 9 am, after being up for a good 9 hours of being completely fucked up, chill out. I research EVERYTHING before I try it, every single new substance. A few people who do the "club drugs" told me it was triple stacked too. My expertise is in psychedelics, like Shrooms, Salvia, Acid, etc...

    So I took their advice considering they know more about it than me. I took their advice, and mentioned it on here. That way if they're wrong, I'll be corrected by the more knowledgable members, and pass the knowledge down to them. And I appreciate the correction, just not the attitude that went along with it.

    And to the other guy from Canada ( sorry, forgot your name): I'm not sure. They were pretty thick, thicker than normal if that helps. And I definatly rolled harder off these two than I did the last two I took.

    But again, Thanks blades for correcting my mistake. Apparently I don't know Ecstasy like I thought I did. :smoke:
  10. .... apparently, you don't. :p

    you know I'm playin mayne
  11. hint: chill out. kthxplzbi.
  12. E is a sweet drug. Just dont do too much too quick. I remember hearing to space out rolls 2 weeks so your brain can fully recover or some shit like that.
  13. ya I heard that same thing, your brain could get pretty fucked up if you roll 2 days in a row. and also it wouldnt be feel as good the second day because the night before your brain would have used up almost all of the seretonine (i think thats it) it has, and if you take it the next day it wouldnt have the time to replenish all the chemicals and stuff so you would only get a fraction of the effects you did last night.
    but if you want to go ahead
  14. sounds funtastic.
    i wouldn't roll so soon afterwards, though. especially if they're that good, you won't feel as emotionally high tonight, and your seratonin will be totally sapped by the time you get to 2 days from now... not good.
  15. Eh, change weeks to days and I'd agree.

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