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  1. When i buy a pop how do i know that the pills is real mdma? i know i could go on google and research but asking you guys and getting personal experience sounds better and i dont have time to go find a mdma testing kit. ive heard if it tastes like complete shit its real but i imagine that alot of other chems also taste like shit. so help me out guys. thanks
  2. you wont be able to unless you buy a testing kit..once you get experience with the effects different pills give you depending on there cut youll have an idea of whats in them. obviously you wont be able to tell entirely but bombs cut with meth are clearly gonna feel different then one cut with same DXM. BUT pure MDMA cant be pressed into a pill from what i know and its usually sold in crystal form called molly. E pills need binders and fillers to get pressed.
  3. the best is to see if anyone you know has taken the same pill you have.

    but the only sure way is to take it.
  4. I prefer that most, or
  5. that's a good site^^

    but yea, take it and you'll know... You should also be able to tell if theres speed in it =0

  6. I dunno what the OMG PURE MOLLY craze is about recently.... A good pill has nothing but glue and MDMA in it, it's just a pre measured dose of MDMA so you don't have to parachute it.


    Only way you know what's in your rolls is with a kit.... Pillreports might be better than nothing tho...
  7. probably because its pure. lol kinda like budder and marijuana its like OMG BUDDER.
  8. exactly you know it's pure and not some shit cut with meth.

    (if it's crystal)

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