ecstasy (not sure if im allowed to post this here..)

Discussion in 'General' started by sn00py, Mar 5, 2002.

  1. Appologies if posting this is a big no no on this forum, in the interest of personal safety (and after a bad experience over the weekend) i'd like to get an ecstasy testing kit, i'm situated in the UK and if anyone knows where i'll be able to lay my hands on one i'd be greatful if you'd pass on the info..

    cheers guys, much appreciated...
  2. it is *always* good to know what your drugs have in them!
    if you have any q's about ecstacy in and of itself, i do know quite a bit about it, but don't know anything about the current markets. a good place for info:

    the only place i know that has testing kits for ecstacy is but it's in the STATES...

    I did a quick search on google and came up with:

    don't know much about their reliability, but it looks like they're avail there.

    hope that helps!
  3. thanx for the reply and thanx for taking the time to search on my behalf..

    if anyone else is interested in this topic, i'll let you know if the testing kit a) Works and b) Shows up in the first place!

    thanx again m8


    PS, I can highly reccomend the website as a source of unbiased information on many many different types of drugs, be safe with things like pills and get a testing kit


    This is the place that sells all the neat little test kits, cheap too.
    I'm pretty sure they ship to the uk. You'll have to check though.
  5. Thnx 2 you both, its appreciated :)
  6. Snoopy I dont know how things are in the UK, but here in the states most online sites (like hightimes,etc.) who sell paraphenila(Gods knows i fucked that word up) are obligated to give the federal gov't your info when they make a sale. That way the gov't can better(and easier) track drug users. So word to the wise, if you do purchase online open a PO box and send it there. Just to be safe. Oh BTW you can tell most pills by color/characteristics and taste(Well that makes me look like an addict). For example, red with white specks with no bitter taste is usually coke, yellow with dark specks is usually crank, purple of any kind is usually pcp, brown is usually hieron. The rest of the colors(and even some of these) are random. Best way to know is have a friend/associate eat one first and ask for the results. Also if you do get a tester keep in mind the best pills have speed, a little mesculin, and a bunch of mdma. Hope it helps ya out bro.
  7. ^^^^^^^^has no idea what he's talking about. Probably the most ignorant person in the whole world....

    But umm yeah everything in the post above is complete garbage. Every single word.... I don't even know if this guy was trying to be funny or not. oh well...
  8. Why dont you go eat some spaceman dick faget. I dont know what your problem is but I sure don't remember anyone dying and making you drug god.
  9. Hey guys chill out!
    As much as you don't wanna hear it bluedragonbong spaceman spliff has a point, in a way, you can't just guess what's in a pill based on color. it would be, nothing more than a guess based on experience, and woo if you're right then right on. however, it's not a good idea, especially since snoopy's in another COUNTRY where "color codes" may be different, to try to point in in the direction of speculation. it's just downright dangerous

    I'd say still test the bastard pill! I used to think I had the color coding thing down pat back in the day, and ended up starting to test my own pills, finding out my coding theories were totally WRONG.

    And please, don't get all fired up and tell people to eat dick and resort to name-calling. Not sure what you're used to, but this place is a pretty mellow forum and this kinda stuff is just not cool.

    It was nice to offer your input, it's interesting to hear that people are still guessing what's in the pill based on color! Hopefully you won't come across something nasty in the future~ good luck to ya'all :)
  10. lmao this is the first (actually second) conflict i've seen on this site....
  11. had a brilliant night on saturday, ended up going a little ott on the pills (5 of them) but danced my ass off ALL nite to LTJ Bukem (Drum and Base.. Bouncy as you like..)

    Thanks for the replies guys!

    (Still need to get a testing kit!)

    Can someone clear this up for me also..
    The pills I had were v. good, and nearly made me throw up three times during the night (nothing major - a quick sit down and I was okay) Now, I've heard that this is an effect of MDMA on the stomach, is this true?

  12. Sometimes people puke from good e. It's not a big deal after you're done you feel fine afterwards. Most people are just like "I PUKED! It felt good! I'mmmmmmm happy!" So yeah don't worry about it.
  13. hey man, that was a great impression! :)
  14. thanks man :) the thing is is that it's completely accurate for just about every person that's ever puked from e... :p

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