Economic Crises

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  1. I hear people talk about "the state of our economy" or that there are "economic crises" in america, and often times I will question them by asking exactly what state or crises they are referring to. Many times I'll get a bullshit, "uhh the housing crises," or "government debt," type answers or they act like I haven't been paying attention and I should just know.
    So, there can't just be one. What are some economic crises in the world right now? There are so many parts of the economy, they can't ALL be in crises. Can they?

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    the limited [?] amount of oil [is that economic]
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    Well, it's a bit controversial, which you can see from the last article below. Google is your friend... This is a broad question you just need to just keep up with the news to be able to even begin to answer.

 (See final sentence of intro)

  4. More environmental, really, but it indisputably has a profound impact on the economy.
  5. A dollar crisis really. What happens if the world realizes that pieces of paper which can be duplicated trillions of times over via keystroke aren't worth anything?
    Everything you do (for the most part) relies on the US Dollar. An increase in the money supply, aka inflation, is bad news for most everyone - unless you get that new money first.
    I wouldn't consider this a "crisis" per say. We (most of the world) has been running on fiat currency for a long time. It's hard to think about how much of the world is essentially built on promised value but it allows for fluid economic growth.
    August 1971 to be exact. That isn't exactly a "long time." It allows for rampant consumption and squandered capital.
  8. No we haven't... only since the Nixon Shock and the dollar has been tanking ever since.  :rolleyes: 
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    the things that bother me is inflation, prices are rising, our dollar isnt worth as much so you need more dollers to buy a gallon of gas.
    i think having any kind of debt is bad. 17 trillion is just plain stupid. most people arnt killed when they owe money to the  mob,how are they going to collect?  but they eventually get killed if they dont pay up
    so they get strung aong for the rest of its life

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