Eco friendly Hemp Dog Collars Cat Collars and Leashes Handmade

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by pooch, Aug 24, 2008.

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  2. haha thats down
  3. hell yeah man great idea. if i still had a dog id want one for sure.
  4. thats tight,

    your making me want a dog
  5. So now your dogs appearance can scream "STONER", too! :p

    Im kidding.. but those are some stoner looking dogs!
  6. Making those things are so much fun.. They make time pass by so nicely! I'll be making one, and forget to check the length.. And then realize that the necklace wouldn't even be able to fit a T-rex. I've never thought to make some for pets! Great idea. Very cute.
  7. fucking awesome. i never thuoght of doing that. i havent made any hemp stuff yet.... i dont know where to get cheap hemp from, or beads. but id deffiantley make one for our cat. i wish i had a dog then hed get one too. might make on for friends dogs.
  8. haha amazing idea very cool!
  9. PM sent to you, pooch
  10. Thanks everyone for the nice comments thus far.
    Jinx got your pm. Hope everyone likes the hemp
    macrame creations. Support indie artists along with
    the eco system!
    Good for the environment good for the soul!
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    Check out this dog wearing a hemp collar. Part of the
    collar is tied with josphine knots and flat knots.


  12. Nice dude. that's awesome. + rep
  13. it would be neat to have. but i have a pitt bull, it would have to be pretty well made for him to wear it.
  14. Hemp is super strong. As long as it is a thick, belt like hemp design and not a thin necklace type.
  15. I'd so get one if I had my own dog. I have a boston terrier like in the pics above but i dont think my parents would want my dogs looking like they smoke weed. Nice stuff +rep
  16. Haha thats just what i was thinkin, look at his eyes he's blazed

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