Eckhart Tolle: Power of Now

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  1. I didn't know where exactly to post this, but I thought the spirituality subject wasn't such a bad shot in the dark. I just read the Power of Now, and am now attempting to read A New Earth.

    Eckhart Tolle has brought hope to me and in the evolution of mankind.
    The Power of Now was a book that had changed my life completely.
    If you had read it, what were your thoughts and opinions on the book? good or bad?
    I have been on such a spiritual journey this summer, doing some intense soul searching.

    i've picked up meditation, i go out twice a week to a spiritual retreat near me on the island and walk a labryinth. i haven't attempted yoga but i've been reading into it.
    i've started to attent a mind body spirit chiropractor who practices reiki healing on me, and i have not felt physically better ever in my life, besides after i get high. :)

    hope you reply.
  2. :), pickup A New Earth and Stillness Speaks
  3. im in the midst of reading a new earth and ive seen stillness speaks in stores, is it worth it? what does it consist of? it seemed a little repeatitive with what the power of now had to say.

  4. the wording is more concise and more powerful. It is not a book to be read like the power of now. It is a book with many, many small paras and para-sets that will help ground you and bring you back to stillness whenever you feel you need it and when your mind causes chaos again. Open any random page, read for 5 minutes, and you will find, if you are open, stillness again.

    For me, it is the most precious book in many ways. Well worth it. All his books are, nothing superflous, all serve a purpose.

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