EC/PPM meter confusion..

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  1. Recently bought a ppm meter and nutrients because plants looked malnourished. These are the readings I obtained.

    Tap water- 1.1
    Nutrient water- 1.8
    Tap water run off- 2.5
    Nutrients run off - 3.6

    The medium is soil. Fox farm with added perlite.

    Plants are a month old and roughly 2ft.
    Please Help


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  2. Jesus that's crazy Tap water, mines so soft I don't even get a reading when I use the tester.. the run off of the EC is way to high..

    Start using reverse osmosis water and then build the EC Up with your nutes.. at 2 foot you want the EC around 1.8 -2 and see how she handles that...mine seem to love that range... how old are they ?
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