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Ebb & Grow with coco?

Discussion in 'Coco Coir' started by Agoutihead, Jan 6, 2013.

  1. Getting deeper & deeper into the world of hydro I have really been looking at the DWC under current setups. They are very high yield producing setups.

    The only catch is I want to go all organic and they say going Aeroponics or DWC doesn't fit well with organics. I can see that maybe with Aero, but DWC undercurrent usually has 2" pipes connecting everything, so I don't see why you couldn't do DWC with organics.

    But then someone else brought up Ebb & Grow which seems to be a mix of Ebb & flow but with buckets.

    One of the only problems with using coco is it's hard to recirculate because of the salt content of the original coco, I would imagine this would still be an issue with an Ebb & Grow setup. Although I would love if this was possible.

    But them again, the salt issue only seems to come into play with being an issue when the coco gets too dry. Plus if you get really well washed, 2-3x even (botanicare offers a 2x washed coco coir) Technically salt in the mix can help with mag issues, so if you could always keep your coco wet (which it always should be but if your hand watering daily, there's still some downtime of it being drier than it should) so an automated ebb & grow system with coco could possible work.

    Seems you could get essentially the DWC with coco & an Ebb & Grow setup since the coco will always remain wet & saturated throughout the day, allowing the plant to constantly feed like if it was in a DWC setup.

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