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Ebb and flow vs recirculating dwc

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Growing' started by titan2011, Mar 1, 2011.

  1. Easier to make?
    If u were to grow 6-8 plants (want big tree like ones) which would u go with?
    Will be my first hydro grow
  2. i am switching from ebb and flow to full DWC system. the growth is amazing in the dwc compared to ebb and flow. I have run the same strain in both set ups, both using hydrotron. DWC wins hands down.
  3. ^^^^^ agree, I have used both, DWC is the way to go.
  4. Gonna find a nice diy on the dwc system!
  5. I think it depends on what you mean by "easier". I have a DWC from the link above and it works great. But I hate leaks and I think a DWC is more likely to leak than a E&F. Plus an E&F involves a fewer (though not necessarily cheaper) parts
  6. My DWC buckets dont leak. I actually have to keep a 5 gal bucket under my ebb and flow table because it has a leak somewhere. I have to empty about 3 gallons every month. I have a bumbleberry scrog going right now in the E&F table that will be harvested in a week. The tables are getting kicked and going to (4) 5gal bucket DWC system. Thats just my experience with ebb and flow.

    For me....It has been easier to grow a large healthy root system with my DWC buckets compared to my ebb and flow tables. And when it comes down to it, a large healthy root system leads to a large healthy harvest.
  7. I love RDWC but am going to be trying an ebb n flow system with 5gal. buckets for the first time. The main reason for this being enf requires a lot less water. In RDWC you have to keep the res, controller, lines, and buckets full 24hrs a day. A lot more work when flushing and more nutes.

  8. the reason for the leaks is improper cuts where the push fittings go...

    next time try this

    step drill bit.. problem solved
  9. I'm not convinced its just the holes. There's an inherent system in putting the hose into the grommets with no sealant. it might work OK for a bit but as you adjust and move buckets leaks develop. In my next build Im using bulkhead fittings, silicon and testing like crazy and there won't be any leaks.
  10. no silicone... it will just fail with the smallest tweaking, unless your using sandpaper to hold it in place..

    I promise... just purchase a step drill bit and use push fittings and grommets... its so simple i wish i had learned it a long time ago... no leaks

    i have electrical below my buckets in my micro grow... i had no confidence that my buckets wouldn't leak before the step drill bit
  11. thats all your suppose to use in dwc... any other silicone is suppose to give off some sort of gas that is bad for living things...

    do what ya like man... ill check out your journal.... but trust me... nothing works like a perfectly round hole to help stop leaks... a step drill bit does just that and de-burrs the hole as it cuts... leaks are a thing of the past...

    i don't much care for bulk head fittings... personal opinion... but i hope all goes well for your grow... hope you add lots of pictures
  12. go back and read that link you gave me... just below you is a guy saying the exact same thing as i am.. not looking to pic a fight.. i am just blown away that someone else has posted the same thing... it really is a life saver...

    nice build man... looks way cool... switch up the zip ties for clamp rings... the zip ties will fail with HPS/MH lighting... the light will make them brittle and fall apart
  13. Sure, using the step bits are popular. But they dont make one large enough for the bulkheads (1 5/8") so I used a paddle bit instead. I've also considered the clamps but they're a bit expensive and I use CFLs so I think I'm going to be OK with multiple zip ties.
  14. what about maintenance of ebb or dwc is easiest ?
  15. Just use an 1/2" Ebb&Gro fitting...
    They are like $2 and I've yet to have any leaks when using them fittings over the Uni-Seals..
    If you're doing a R-DWC the site tube only needs to be on the header tank anyway..

    Maintenance is about the same for both systems during the grow...
    It's after when you're washing 80L of hydroton, and that's when you're bitching up a storm wishing you did DWC... :D

    IMPO from using both for many years, DWC grows larger plants, but Ebb&Gro produces better medications because it gives more control over water supply... There is no way to simulate a drought condition in DWC.. Ebb&Gro system are also a LOT more forgiving then DWC...

    Good luck no matter what system you choose..
  16. +1 for Rdwc , i did have one small leak but that stoped after two days (max loss 100ml) . just make sure your grommets have 3or4 mm cover around the hole and it will not leak no silicon needed.
    one more tip.. when you wrap the buckets in alli foil tape do it in strips downward overlapping 5mm, also drill holes first.
  17. I use an ebb and flo table to get the clones ready for the main rooms. I tried a DWC system side by side with a top feed and drain to res system and saw no difference in yield or strength.
    I did however end up with a brown slime algae issue that almost wiped out my 2nd attempt at DWC so I got rid of it and have both bud rooms now setup with the top feed and drain to res system I was using in the other room and it is bulletproof and simple.

    I wouldn't go back to DWC.
  18. Ya you will get that with nutrients which use biologicals..
    But I kind of agree, Ebb&Gro is kind of my "base" system, as in, when I have to put some good medication on the boards and I cannot fuck around, I pick the Ebb&Gro system...

    But you will get larger plants from a true DWC system...
    Because IMHO, using 5gal buckets is not a real DWC system, it's simply a bunch of bubble buckets linked together by
    a header tank...

    I've always related DWC to, like a dedicated 10-20gal tote..
    But anything under, is again, nothing more than a bubbler (IMO anyway)...


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