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    I found this video on a recent post on here somewhere. Its nine videos but super entertaining if youre stoned. The dude is pretty funny and really smart on DIY ebb and flow. I thought it was a lot more complicated. After watching the video I have come to the conclusion that my DWC set up is inferior. I might set up an ebb and flow for the next grow. However, I doubt I am ever going to try and grow anything other than femmed autos in the aerogarden again. Such a waste of space.

    video: [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=avipzVVmpL8"]YouTube - I GROW CHRONIC - PART 1 (legendado)[/ame]

  2. sorry if this is not supposed to be embedded I pasted the link and it wrote the rest
  3. I dl'ed this in a torrent awhile back. VERY informative. I still think DWC or some version of a bubble/waterfarm is the way to go. If you got more space then yeah ebb n flow is really good and actually this guy makes it really simple to setup.

    Thx for sharing for those that haven't seen this before. Also this was the first video I watch where the guy basically tells you how to keep your crop producing while the other half is flowering. Flo's and CFL's FTFW!!
  4. no problem amigo, that guy knows whats going on for sure. At the end it said TM 1999. 10 years ago man it didn't seem that old to me. I just sat there and drooled over how much he had growin for like an hour haha

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