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  1. so i picked up 25 5 gal buckets, using net buckets in them, and the gap between the bottom of the net and bottom of the 5 gal seems way to large. I am also using a 3 1/2 gal controller, my question is, would the 3 1/2 gal buckets work better?

    It seems my setup can't fill and drain all the buckets, im assuming the controller bucket has to be the highest point in the room, im setting that in the middle, and running it to 5 first buckets, then Teeing off from that one and again teeing off from those, essentially creating greater back presure for the drain.

    im running 4 digital nexgen 1kw's in a 90 sqft space, a 24000 btu mini split.

    what would be the best bucket size/bucket setup for 25 sites on an ebb-12?

    thank you.
  2. Ide go 3 gallon.. What size bucket is your controller?

  3. Your problem is you're using a 3-1/2gal controller and a 5gal flood bucket..

    The height of the flood is controlled by the controller bucket (3-1/2gal), so when the control bucket reaches 3gal, it starts to dump off the overflow... Thus your 5gal buckets will only reach a 3gal flood...

    If you're going to use a 3-1/2gal controller, you need 3-1/2gal flood buckets..
    I personally would take the 5gal buckets back and get 25 of the 3-1/2gal buckets...
  4. What he said.. Lol
  5. thank you, i switched to 3 1/2 gallons and fixed this problem

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