Ebay bid sniping

Discussion in 'General' started by skurfy007, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. Do any of you guys use this tactic to win stuff? im afriad im going to have to bbecuase this bastard keeps outbidding me

    What programs/services do you guys find reliable to use for snipe bidding?
  2. Nah I'm not patient enough to do it, I just buy it now.
  3. i dont fuck around with programs

    i just sit there the last 5 minutes and hit the refresh button constantly...seriously

  4. what do you do when you lag? lol

    No one here uses prgrams?
  5. I never notice any lag really....

    the thing that takes the longest is putting in your bid amount and confirming your bid.

    the thing i notice is the 10 other people and their moms sniping bids the last 10 seconds....and there isnt anything i can really do about that

    I honestly knew nothing about these programs for sniping bids before you mentioned it

  6. lol i will be so pissed if i lose so i will slap a big ol bid on at the end
  7. "Buy it now" thats how I use ebay haha
  8. Back when I used eBay I would never bid until the last 10 minutes. And the last minute I would refresh my page every second, and have the bidding window in another tab. As soon as I notice someone outbid it, I quickly switch tabs, increase bid, and submit.

  9. yeah i made the mistake of putting a semi high bid first :mad:

    now they know :shifty: but all will be well when i slap on the big bid at the end all make them pay close to face value if they wanna outbid me!
  10. It's relatively easy to snipe without a program, as long as you watch views/bids/favorites for the item carefully.

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