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Eating weed in yogurt

Discussion in 'Incredible, Edible Herb' started by chickenmaster, Mar 9, 2005.

  1. I read this on another website (yahooka.com) and i thought it would actually be pretty good. You could mix it in with the yogurt, and then just swallow it since you don't have to chew it. Maybe wash an leftover chunks down a little with some water or something.

    Also, i was thinking about using that "fruit and yogurt" thing off the McDonalds dollar menu. It's got fruit, yogurt, and granola, which i think would help disguise the weed even better.

    It would take virtually no prep other than chopping up the weed pretty small, and then i might let it sit in the yogurt for a while so the thc can dissolve into the fat a little.

    What do you guys think?
  2. weed has to be heated to a certain temp before the thc can be extracted and absorbed in thru your stomache, use the search about cannabutter, or butter with weed mixed in.
  3. Yeah, i know that you can make butter out of it, and use that in any recipe. But do you have to heat it? The posts i read about mixing it with yogurt said nothing about heating it.
  4. its for hash, and you put cooking oil over the top of it also till it bubbles,then chomp it down....

    tastes nice..
  5. yea thc is activated at laround like 215 degrees
  6. Yeah, i just read somethin about that. You put the weed in a spoon with some vegetable oil, and heat with a lighter until it starts to bubble several times. Then mix that in.

    I think i'm just still gonna make brownies though. It'll be my first time eating it, so i'm gonna make a small amount of cannabutter (about a cup, with about a 1/4 of weed boiled/strained through it). Then i'll just get a box of brownie mix from the store.
  7. That weed yogurt would make one satisfying muchie, too.

  8. that just sounds cracked out.
  9. lol, imagine if someone who didn't know what you were doing walked in....

  10. it would look like your heating it up.... gettin ready to main line some serious greens... :D
  11. i'm about to try this out, i'll let gc know how it turns out.

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