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eating weed. basic question.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Dr Jammin, Jan 10, 2004.

  1. i posted a similar question to this elsewhere already, but i really didn't get a definet answer yet.

    how much (chronic) weed do you need to eat, cooked in butter or something, in order to get an ok high.

    if i smoked one bowl to myself, id be blazed. so if i ate a peanut butter cracker with the equivelant of a bowl of weed in it, would i be equally high, or would i need to put more?

    thanks guys, this is a kind of important question for me, sense its hard to adjust dosage once you've eaten something, so i can't really just try it and find out for myself.
  2. I think it's on erowid
  3. i've looked there, all they have is amounts to use for an entire batch. could someone please help me out? this is such a noob question, surely somebody can tell me.
  4. I've heard .5-1.5 grams for one person, but I have nothing to back that up, just something I think I read somewhere...good luck
  5. its stronger eaten as it cant over burn, i ate hash yogert and had hadh milk shakes before, not bad, deffinatly feels kinda cleaner high i think anyway
  6. I think it has a lot to do with your body weight and how fast your metabolism is (bad spelling?). I geuss just learn from trial and error. I ate a nickel bag once just straight up and it made my stomach hurt, but I did get a SMALL body high..
  7. I´ve only eaten hash, did with panncakes (right spelling?)

    The effect was violent, alot stronger effect, much like eating alcohol (gummibears soaked in vodka for 3 weeks).

    I would say atleast double the effect :)

  8. :D

  9. But dont get me wrong, its a different high. Massive blackouts, a more darker stoned for me atleast.
  10. I think the ratio would be better like this:

    Smoke one bowl=Get ripped.
    Eat alot more weed=Get high.

    So, I think you'd be wise to 'conserve' it.... unless you've got the money or the plants to 'waste', IMO.
  11. id say just smoke it >the reason it gets ya there faster ,and if you dont eat enough you just wasted your stuff,no offence to the ppl who preferr to eat it
  12. Hey man you need ATLEAST a gram cooked into what 1 person will eat. I would suggest 2, or more.

    Oh man I went to this party that had those last semester. Really fucking good.
  13. I would say, for a decent buzz, enough weed to fill a medium-sized joint. Make sure you cook it so that the THC is more readily available.

    NOTE: Different people have different tolerances and body types, so just experiment a little to find what the right amount is for you.

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