Eating Vagina

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    I'll admit it; I like eating Vagina.

    I'm no professional, and claiming to be is an ambiguous title anywho, because regardless of experience it will still feel good to the woman.

    The vagina is given a bad reputation. I don't really think it tastes like anything. And anything in that matter comparable to fish, or whatever else people claim it to taste and or smell like.

    There is this girl in one of my classes who has really nice feet, and legs. She always dangles her sandals and stretches out her legs in front of me, and it drives me nuts. It doesn't matter whatsoever if I couldn't have sex with her. I'd be fine with third basing it with kissing her feet, progressing up those legs, and eating that vagina. :love:

    I'll ask her to Starbucks or Barnes & Noble, and it's another one in the books for me. (No pun intended)

    *Not to mention she is really cute and has a great personality*
  2. Good luck with the girl!
  3. Don't eat for a day, you'll be all over that. Nom nom nom nom
  4. Hit the gym really hard for a week, and don't masturbate for that same whole week. You turn into a complete animal.
  5. yeah man, I like eating fish taco too. All my friends hate it but I love it. It tastes good, smells good and it turns me on. Any ladys in here have some fish taco for me?
  6. Haha. I swear to God, yesterday I was going to make a thread with about this topic, and I had started off with exact same first line.

    But yeah...I love it. Something about just making a girl lose her mind and turn into a sex craved animal.
  7. Has anybody eaten a girl out while she was on her period? I have and I loved it.

  8. No thanks..

    (And I LOVE eating pussy, my favourite meal of the day)
  9. NOT true. You can definitely make a woman uncomfortable with just your tongue. Be gentle with that clit and your statement will be correct.

    Good luck!
  10. ill eat every inch of a girl if shes clean, i dont give a fuck
  11. [​IMG]
  12. ahhaha. I do it to my girl and she moans my name ;)
  13. I actually store that period blood in the refrigerator for about a week and drink it, tastez so good

  14. [​IMG]
  15. I love doing it, i like everything about it. Sex isnt sex unless i got down on the girl, it just sets the mood for the rest of the evening ;) But i know alot of guys who wont do it, they say its not even up for debate.

  16. I'm willing to bet many that refuse, fail at it.
  17. nom nom nom nom

    this thead is fookin hilarious!!!!:D
  18. mmmm I supose it's ok but the girl HAS to be clean, but its hard to tell unless you do the sligh finger smell once youve fingerd her a bit.
  19. i do as long as they are shaved. no shave = no tongue
  20. Agreed ^^ SHAVE or gtfo.
    I like to eat a girls pussy cause I feel like I know better than a dude who doesn't know what it's like, you know? And don't just tongue fuck her, you got hands still - use 'em!!!!!
    Can't say that enough.

    Breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, fourth-meal.. Pussy good any time o' the day.:cool:

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