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Eating uncured marijuana buds?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by lehgogrow, Apr 15, 2013.

  1. I have no idea where, but if I remember correctly, i heard that eating uncured buds like fresh off the plant can cause some trippy ass effects. Now I had to pull my outdoor grow about a week early, so the trichs turned about 40/60 clear/cloudy but almost no amber at all. So, to my full question: will eating fresh uncured buds have any effect on me? Will it be a potent effect?

    The only thoughts I've had are: before THC converts to THCA via heating/curing, is it orally active? Getting mixed signals on that. Just did a smoke test on some of the fresh nug, holding my beeline far enough away to not really burn it, and I'm high as fuck (something I was told wasn't really effective.)
  2. Only one way to find out.....

    EAT IT! It's not like its not natural lol.
  3. Thc has a very low absorbtion rate in the stomach. Its ineffective with small doses if not bonded to fat molecules, like in edibles, but can get you stoned AS HELL if you eat enough. I saw this video of a dog that ate an eighth and it was just running into the ground lol.
  4. One time I ate 2 grams of bud because a lone state trooper illegally raided my apartment. I was high for 2 days after eating that stuff. I think it was sour d.
  5. Some people here say you can, others will insist it's impossible. I'm curious to know, maybe Storm Crow can answer our question.
  6. I mean you have to eat like a shitload of it. Like a ridiculous amount to even feel anything.
  7. Smoke it or make a edible, you don't get high from eating buds you'll just get constipated
  8. doesnt matter cured or not you need to cook it into butter/oil... need to eat alot of raw bud to get high
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    People keep saying that it does nothing but dont listen to them. It is a MUCH smarter idea to make edibles or hash but it will get you high if you eat enough of it.

    Edit: THC-A is not active orally or if smoked.
  10. Yeah i agree with Moonman, you should make cannabutter or something

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